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Site Advertising in our banner space for ALL of December

X3 Talk
I am holding an auction. The winning bidder gets:
-Our site banner space ( (600 wide X 120 high) from 3rd December - 15th January.

-Allowed to write a factual/promotional article about their site on our wiki.

-A link to your site in my signiture.

-A link to your site in my banner space from 16th January-1st February.

That is a lot of advertising during the time when people are surfing the web the most (during the holiday season).

Auction closes Friday 17th November at midnight UTC.

Extra Prizes:
- The first bidder over 10 frih$ gets 2 days of ads.
- The first bidder over 50 frih$ gets 5 days of ads.
- Every bidder goes into the draw to win ads from 16th January-1st February free of charge.

The content of bidders ads should reflect our Wiki Policy (no adult content etc.)
ok I'll start off at 15frih$
I bid 20 frih$

PS: When will end the auction?
X3 Talk
Auction closes Friday 17th November at midnight UTC. Thank's for your bid.
I'm redesigning my site. When it's done, I will bid Smile
what trafic dose your site reseve
X3 Talk
We're still expanding. Current stats say we have had a total of 2,482 page views in the month we have been up.
I bid 50 frih$
I'll get minimum 5 days of ads right?
X3 Talk
Yes, send your banner ad.

Remember, every bidder goes into the draw for more ads in January.
X3 Talk
The hammer is going down this Friday at midnight UTC. Even if you only advance by $1 frih you still enter the draw to win our advertising prize. Also, every bidder gets to have an article about their site on our wiki.
can i also get i will post the links soon
X3 Talk
Yes, but you have to make a bid to get the December advertising or go in the draw for advertising. We do daily banner ads as well at 1.50 frih$ each, 5$ frih for 5 days and 7 frih$ for five days in a row. We can also make a deal.
X3 Talk
Just a reminder that this is terminating this Friday 17th November at midnight UTC. That's 44 hours of auction to go.

X3 Talk
Going twice...

The next warning will be five mintues prior to closure.
mistuh griddlez
I'll bid ummm 75 FRIH$
X3 Talk
Sorry, unfortunatly due to unforseen circumstances, this auction is closing two hours earlier than first planned. The closing time will be 10pm Thursday UTC.
X3 Talk
Closing in five minutes
X3 Talk
This auction is now closed. The results will be listed shortly.
X3 Talk
mistuh griddlez has won the auction with a bid of 75 frih$- well done.

We will soon draw the prize.
mistuh griddlez
I've sent the money and my banner will be available soon.
X3 Talk
The raffle will be drawn in 10 minutes.
The tickets stand as follows:
Ticket 001 MYP415
Ticket 002 mtorregiani
Ticket 003 mistuh griddlez
X3 Talk
The winner was ticket 1. Thanks for partaking. Please PM me if you have any issues, this thread is closed.
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