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What's going on?

This is about a girl I really like. I know Her since I've been a little boy (6yo or so):

I was sitting there besides Her when a woman came and asked: "Is this your girlfriend?". For an unknow reason I answered: "Yes!". The woman went away and She just said nothing.
The following days I had some conversations with Her via ICQ. Here are some extracts that really let me hope that a love relationship could be possible (Me in blue, Her in red):

I'll go off, before I fall asleep. Kiss.
Sleep well and dream sweet
Of you?
If you want, but I think then it'll be a nightmare
I don't think so
Really? Well. Then I'll dream of you, too
1 day after
Maybe I'll dream of you tonight. The last time I didn't Sad
Yeah. Do that. Here have you some extra kisses *kisses*
1 day after
Did you dream of me this night? Smile
No. Unfortunately not. Just can't control my subconscious mind.
Man. What a pitty. How many kisses do I have to give you Smile
Dunno. But:
You know what? The guys at my mothers work talk about us all the time. That we're together

Omg. Why that?
That's your fault, because you didn't veto saturday night.
Well. Look how much I like you
Yes. I was tired.
Yeah. And what do I have to look for?
Hu? Nothing
I'm just fond of you. I don't understand
Huh? I don't understand it, too. What's up?
No Idea.
Do I have to understand this?
No. Even I don't understand it.
I'm very very very very fond of you. kiss
Man. The very's are getting more and more every day

And if that would be all, I wouldn't see any problem. But some time She really tried to get rid of me, invented excuses or simply went off without saying goodbye. These contrasts make me feel quite unsure. Does that have a meaning? Then She invited me to her birthday. I said I don't know if I can come, because I didn't want to go along with Her and all Her friends. But than She said I could come a few hours earlier and I came. We sat there on the sofa and watched a film. We came closer as always when we are on our own. Her Brother came into the room a few times...and stayed. One time She laid Her hand on mine and I would have grabbed it if Her brother wasn't in the room. I just couldn't do it. Don't ask me why. After the third partyguest arrived, I decided to leave. We hugged several times and I left. The next day in ICQ She told me that She hadn't time and that She has to go now. I said goodbye and closed the chatwindow. About 55 minutes later She went off. How now? Yet another day later She didn't even answer my "Hi"... This is really confusing me. I just want to know what's going on!

Can anybody help me understand it?
It sounds like you are waiting for the relationship to find you and clear itself up.

Don't do that.

Just go for what you want. If you like her, tell her that you like her. If you're curious about what things are between the two of you, tell her that you like her and ask her if you can be her boyfriend. You just have to pull up your pants and try being a little confident. If she says she wants to be your girlfriend/wants you to be her boyfriend or that she likes you, too, then step close to her, lift her chin up with one hand, and kiss her. Simple as that.

And just because she is interested in you doesn't mean she has to always be all over you or always talking to you, so save the worry/jealousy. If anything, being shy and avoiding the bf/gf issue or always worrying about whether or not she's into you will only make you behave in ways that she won't like. So get out there and go for it.
May I ask how old you are?? Don't need to be specific, just age group. Really hard to understand the situation here. She probably likes you, but genuinely didn't have the time, or just didn't want to talk to you (girls are like that). Just give her some time.
She says she is fond of you. I take that as a step lower than like which is a step lower than love. While you said you like her. And from answering "yes", I take it that you want her to be your girlfriend. While I do not think she is at the same page with you based on your posting, I do think that you should make your feelings known to her. You could play your game rather than play hers. Otherwise, just stick around and wait till she comes around or thinks become clearer.

Good luck!
Thanks for your advices, guys.

You're all right with the thing I should tell her but I can't just call her or knock on her door. And I don't know when we meet next time. I hoped this weekend, but she visits her aunt. Now I desire next WE to see her again and hopefully find the right moment to talk about my feelings.

@RiCtee: Im exactly between 17 and 18 yo.
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