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harry potter fans

Very Happy hello all this is my first post my name is mystickitty and was wondering if there are any adult harry potter fans out there? Shocked im a huge fan i found harry in a time in my life when i was very sick thiy did not know if i was going to make it or not butt i did Very Happy i had a very bad gastic bypass and went from 260 pounds to 120 in less than 3 monthes i threw up most of the blood in my body due to the fact the doctor didi no test had he checked me out better he would have found 3 ulcers well i found a doc to fixed what he could and im alive thank u god!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so 19 operations in five years i love to read and found harry and when the pain was so bad cuz i have other medical problems thats why the gastric was to help! i would just dive into his world so are there any other rabid fans? its killing waiting for book 7 anyone have any thoughts on a titile,ending? jk has so much to wrap in the last bookand im sooooooooooooo tired of hearing how bad these books are and there on banned list thats only going to help her sales Laughing go jk!!!!my pastor told me gods not going to punish me for reading these books as some preachers are screaming witchcraft does exsit but if you practice it is one thing enjoing a good book is another plus kids reading is up like 85percent i think there are better things to preach about than harry potter dont get me wrong im a christian butt with common sence so any harry fans let me hear from ya Very Happy i know your out there luv mystickitty
Hi there,

I liked very much magical things, supernatural and stuffs.
So, of course I loved Harry Potter.

I never read any book, just saw the movies. The first one is my fave.
I'm Christian, and I love the Harry Potter books and film. I think there's far too much negative connotations associated with all things paranormal. I think that's due, at least in part, to a lack of understanding. Like with HP for example, if you read the books carefully it'll show quite a rigid moral structure. Especially with concerns of good versus evil, it's a classic tale.

Honestly, it's not all time favorite series in the paranormal genre, but it's certainly up there.
Ooh! I'm an avid HP fan Very Happy of the books though, not the movies... I think there were alot of things that were removed from the book - some were those that I was highly anticipating *sniff*. But anyway, the actors are good, so yeah, thumbs up to both! Wink
Self confessed adult Harry Potter fan here- you are by no means a rare beast.
As for negative connotations, well i from Australia and there aren't really any here but I here you guys are having allsorts of issues with the supernatural themes in the states.
Can't wait for the next book and movie, in a small way though I don't want the last book to come out though because I will read it in about 2 days and then the series will be over.
wow harry fans im so excited what does any thinks going to happen in boo7 also go Very Happy its a cool site check it out hpoe to hear back from the harry fans also on they are the orotp trailer its so cool happy thanksgining and do some awesome shopping have fun and eat lots and lots luv mystickitty[/code][/b]
there are so many fans out here.

u just name the thread related to hp and the thread will become popular by the day end.

this is craze of the hp fans here
Very Happy hello fellow harry fans hope your turkey day was great i bet it was at hogwarts Cool happyday to all and if anyone has not read the books the movies cant even compare read them and you will be shocked as usual the books are always better happy day luv mystickitty Laughing
Okay, so I'm not an adult, but I know many Adult HP fans who dedicate even mroe energy and time to Harry Potter than I. Are you kidding me? I'm in freaking love with the HP books, and the movies are pretty good. I dedicate a good portion of my internet life to Harry Potter. Fanfiction, graphic design, podcasts, you name it, I've probably done it. Why? Because Harry Potter is freaking AMAZING, and has basically caused a phenomenon. People of all different backgroudns are united in a common love of Harry Potter.

BTW, did anyone besides me go out and see happy feet just to see the trailer?
I am an adult annd have watched all the movies and quite enjoy them. I have watched all 4 repeatedly, not by choice but because my 4 year old loves Harry potter. She has sat through each movie since she was 2 years old and is now harrassing me because the new one is out soon.

Strangely enough she will sit through the Lord of the Rings too, the extended editions.
You got a smart gal there. 2 yr old watching movies Shocked
Harry Potter ( Hayri Patır )
sorry guys but i really dont like him.
i dunno, the little four eyes kid...
Love to see his movies and also read all of his novels ............... Cool

And also waiting for Another Harry's adventures................. Shocked
Nite Vizhun
Back when the first movie was released, my son was dying to see it and my wife was busy the only night where we had time to go to the movies. So, I got the assignment.

I decided to read the book first to see what I was getting myself into. I ended up reading the book in two days right before going to see the movie, and loved it. I loved the movie too. I wasn't surprised to see some aspects of the book dropped - there's no way they could fit every subplot of the book into a two hour movie.

I have since read every book and seen every movie. I must admit that I am not looking forward to the series ending.
I read my 1st Harry Potter book after watching the 1st movie. HP was such a hype then, all my colleagues' children had read the books, including some of the parents themselves. So, I was very eager to watch the movie myself.

Loved the 1st movie and started reading all the 3 books (those were the only ones out at that time, i think). Finished all 3 books in a weekend Very Happy

My fav book was the 4th, great story. But had to admit that I was quite dissapointed with the movie. Thought the producers were rushing through the story too much... The 1st & 2nd movie was better, felt more magical.
his last book is coming right? is he dying or what? hehe. I think the debate is still open if harry potter will die on the last book in the series? or will he end up with hermoine?

i'm excited to see the latest movie.
first of all, congrats and may god bless you for coming through your difficult times, mystickitty.

It is heartening to know that your interest in the potter series, helped you keep your mind off the discomfort you went through in your life. may be you should send in JK a mail;)
Well, I am 18 now. But, I fell in love with the series when I was much younger. So do I count? Laughing
Great fan of harry potter, i have read the 6 books of harry potter series for about 4 times each. and my best book is the harry potter and the order of phoenix. and i am crucially waiting for the next movie. ..
Err... I think the HP books are getting worse, I don't know why, that's just what I feel.
I really like the Harry Potter stuff though my teenage daughter is the one that is obsessed with it... Laughing I have taken her to see every one of the movies shortly after they have come out and the worst part of that is her sitting there saying "that's not how it was in the book" or "they left the best part out of that" and so on. We have even been to several midnight releases of the books at the local bookstore where they have all kinds of Harry Potter related activities and stuff. It was really kind of fun... Smile
hey all hope ya had a great christmas!!!!! and a awesome new year!!!! well i have pre ordered book 7 the countdown has started also it makes me sad this is her last hp book they are already taking bets in vegas as who will die! what does everyone think of the new title? and yes i went to see happy feet just for the trailer my kid wanted to see the movie anyway so i took a nap after the trailer the movies going to awesome but the book was the long so what will they cut and mess up? like hpgof dobby gave harry the gilly weed not neville dobby tok it from snapes office.i guess they think we would not notice! Laughing lots of luv mystickitty
Happy Nu. And all.

Harry Potter wasn't my kind'o thing really, until I watched the films... (4 years AFTER the first one was released!)

PRetty hooked now. :p
I wasnt a huge fan of the Harry Potter films. Though many of my friends are. I've never read any of the books and thought maybe that was a prereq for enjoying the movies.

I can enjoy silly or children movies (nightmare before Christmas, many of the Disney movies, ect...). I have heard the books are way better so maybe it's just something I'm missing out?
omg please pick up the book its so awesome books are always better anyway Laughing Laughing Laughing i think if you liked the movie you will love the books have fun reading mystickitty
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