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I need to know if friwebs is worth getting into.

These are my needs I need to have a forum and need to be able to have my users be able to set up profiles inside my site. I need to keep track of them and would be of couse checking it every day.

I need to have a search engine so my members can search though others profile.

Would appreciate any help.

Will friwebs be able to funfil my needs?
It's Frihost and you should be able to install most free software (based on php4 and mysql) or code it yourself. However we don't provide any pre-installed scripts.
Yeah, Frihost has got what you need to do what you want. I recommend it, it's the best one free web host that offers PHP in my opinion.
I'll add that I've been with Frihost for over a year now and have been very pleased. To my knowledge, they have only had 1 crash. And as far as Free Hosting goes, 1 crash in over a year isn't bad.
The requirements are really nothing. Once you start posting you'll find a wealth of information is available from the current members.
All I can say is It's worth a try.
Right frihost dosent have any pre installed scripts however all you need is phpBB ( in gpl so its free) And once you get your hosting here there are many people who would install it for you for frih$ which is basicaly free since you get them for hosting . (some even for free)
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