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Ideas for a new PC.

Here's the deal I'm going to build a new PC in December. I want it to primarily be a gaming rig with a focus on Unreal Engine 3 compatability. The second most important thing is my Digital Music Collection. About 45GBs worth of MP3s at 256Kbs Stereo.... I know I will have to go with SATA.. I need to get the fastest preformance at about $1,200. I do not need a Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Headset...... Just focusing on the Case and all the insides...

I would prefer to go with a Intel/Ati combo.... at least a Gig of memory with room for at least 1 more...

Any ideas?

Obviously you'd have to get a core 2 DUO(Since you prefer Intel)
But i think for the GFX go for the Nvidia 88xx series, they just seem better IMO.

And if it will be for gaming, you want ATLEAST 2 GB of RAM, even BF2 takes alot when you crank up the texture settings, so i doubt unreal 3 and its graphics will ask for less.

And for the HDD's...2 resonable sized ones(200GB each?) then put them in RAID 0 and you will have a very nice PC.

Im actually looking into a new PC around Christmas too, although i dont think ill be able to get as good as you.
I guess ill wait and see.

buying anything leading up to christmas, that you dont realy need for christmas
isnt realy a good idea as you would get a better deal in the after christmas sales
well first off i'd say go apple. you can play games with bootcamp, and the didigital media storage and originization is way better in os x. but i dont think that would fly with you so here goes: go intel core 2 duo. it'll give you good allaround performance. good for multitasking, sucha s with you music, and still is a good processor for games. as for an ati card, it depends on how much you want to spend. the skys the limit. i would also say get a large harddrive. at elast 300 gigs, it fills up fast you know? finally, don't gow ith 1 gig ram, go with at least 2. it'll give you much better performance,a nd is kind of becoming ths tandard now. espically when vista come sout, if you plan to switch, you will really want 2 gigs. trust me, above all else, get 2 gigs.
Nononono, no apple!

We got the newest macintosh computers at school, and it always crash when you for example just making a movie with final cut.

It crash alot!

My windows has almost newer crashed, at least not as much as the school computers. (And its not because the school computers got virus or something, because the school has blocked the downloader, and also its not many viruses that is made for mac, so it got to be the whole computer.) I would newer buy a mac...

And yeah... You have to get 2 gig ram! But 200gig harddrive is enough. Well, I have 300, but only used 30gig... Im not a gamer, but I still dont think you need 300.
I'm not sure about custom made. Sometimes ends up costing more than buying from dell for example. Yeah graphics card, ati and nvidia are both good. YEah, at least 2 gb ram - try getting off internet (1gb = ~$50). If you have enough money left then go for 4gb ram, it will definetely help. 2 cores cpu will help too. For hard drive, I would go for around a 100gb hard drive (less than $100), then go for an external hard drive with a big storage (maybe 1 tb, that will set you back about $600, thoguh it will be worth the investment). Also get a mobo that supports firewire 900 (800mb/s speeds!).
Hope this helped a bit. Ohh yeah and never get no-name fans. Make sure you get good ones and put them where they won't clog up with dust. For the case make sure it's quite open, for more circulation (thoguh you'll have to clean frequently more too).
Do NOT get a MAC. They do not perform well at all in Windows, because the ones in your price range have GeForce 5 equivalent cards! That won't even play WoW well, let alone the next UT. Here are some specs for you:

First off, please note this build assumes UT requires DX10, I did not bother too look up the specs, but it may and the 8800GTS is one hell of a card anyways

e6300 CPU:

ABIT IL9 Pro Mobo:
This mobo will give you the option of SLI. 4x bandwidth is just about enough for the 2nd 8800GTS

Patriot 2Gb RAM kit:
I would reccommend XMS, but there is only value RAM by Corsair in this category, so some high-end Patriot will be a good substitute

Video Card, 8800GTS:
by eVGA. The 2nd best card on the market by the best manufacturer... You can't go wrong.

Hippro PSU:
Should give you PLENTY of leg room for more components, but you may want a bigger PSU for SLI in the future. Note that this PSU is an amazing deal at that price. You may want to jump on it before they are out of stock.

Hard Drive(s) (see options at bottom)

NEC DVD burner:

Coolermaster Centurion Case:
-With window:
-Without window:
Excellent case, cheap price. Best bang for your buck.
As for the hard drives, it really depends on exactly how much you want to spend. All this so far shipped to my house would cost about $1100. That would leave $100 with your budget for hard drives. But, if we take in mind the $95 worth of mail-in-rebates, you really have $195. So here are your options:

Option 1, go with one nice hard drive for $100 and stay at budget, ignoring rebates. Western Digital Caviar 320Gb:
An excellent drive, putting us only $0.07 over budget, with shipping, disregarding shipping. This drive is screaming fast, beating some 15k SCSI drives in benchmarks.

Option 2, get a BEAST of a hard drive for the shortest loading times possible and incredible read time. This drive will put you about $130 overbudget before rebates, but below the budget after rebates: Western Digital RAPTOR 150Gb:
Note that this drive is basically the fastest drive you can buy. It basically eats babies. Whole.

Option 3, go for raw capacity for future expansion with a 500Gb Spinpoint:
After rebates, this option puts you about $50 underbudget.

Option 4, say "F the budget," and go for a huge array. Tell me how much you want to spend, and Option 4 can get as fast and as big as you want Laughing
I agree with most of the parts psycosquirrel listed. As for the RAM, it's OK, but if you have the extra cash, go for the XMS series. However, I would say use Crucial instead of Patriot but they both run fine. PSU is not bad, but can be better. (Of course in this case, the price makes up for it). Also, even though 500W would suffice, I really think you should opt for more power.

As for the hard drive, psycosquirrel listed some good options. Laughing I would normally recommend getting a storage drive and a boot drive. However, in this case, the 150 GB Western Digital Raptor is going to be fine. It has a decent amount of storage and, of course, speed.

Now, there is one more thing. The sound card. Though you could live with the onboard audio, with a nice rig like that, you'd probably want a decent audio card. With the money you have, you just might be able to squeeze out enough cash for an Audigy 4 or even a lower end X-Fi. Though I, personally, would say the Audigy 4. It would cost you around $60-$70, depending on where you buy it.
If you are going to get a new computer go AMD if you are going to get an ATI video card since they are both the same company. It all depends to if you are a gamer or maybe a webpage editor. I say go AMD and ATI!
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