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Upgraded my Processor and it keeps on restarting.


could anyone help me... im having problem with my computer..

well i have upgraded my processor to a higher speed and it seems that the new heat sink/fan wont fit to the motherboard so i tried to use the old heatsink w/o fan to the new processor.. i also placed silicon paste as required.

anyways, after doing that things.. it seems that after a few minutes my computer keeps on restarting.

what would seems to be the problem?

is the processor malfunctioning?

I assume you've upgraded your processor with a new one? Because if you just over-clocked it, this is an expected behaviour.
One possible reason your computer to restart might be really overheating, if the old cooling parts are not powerful enough for the new processor. You might verify if your BIOS has sensor for the CPU temperature and check the values.
Another reason might be your computer's memory, or some third party controller, if you use such. These devices might not be able to work correctly on the new, higher frequency of your new processor.
To verify the status of the memory you can use
Memtest86 or Memtest86+
yeah definatly sounds like overheating, i suggest you go and buy a mid range after market cooler, or if you are going to overclick, get a high end one.

I have a Gigabyte G Power Pro, it works good, took a good 10-15c of my temps.
Good luck, hope it works out for ya Cool
Another option is to check the website of the manufacturer of the motherboard, as new BIOS's are released all the time to support the faster processors and microcode updates, these can usually be obtained free of charge and it is a simple process. If you are going to do this though, reinstall your old processor, then upgrade the bios, this is all done with software so you need to be running reliably and then reboot, clear all your cmos settings and replace your processor with the new one and then go in to the bios setup and load bios defaults to start with.

Good luck!
" i also placed silicon paste as required"

Who told you to use silicon?
Silicon is not a very good conductor of heat.
I like Arctic Silver 5.
Do not use the adhesive types.

Clean the back of the CPU thoroughly.
Use just a tiny drop of the thermal paste.
Spread it around to cover the entire back of the CPU
with an exstreamly thin layer, the thinner the better.
I use a heavy card stock like a matchbook cover to spread it around.

Can you boot into the bios?
You should be able to see the CPU temp, the alarm setpoint and the reboot setpoints there.
The Master DCK
also your powersupply may have gone out mine did and it took a year to find out it was bad and it could also take longer for a problem to occur or your ps could have just gone out by over power
that could be a PSU problem or check your mobo, memory, and processor.
Yeah, check if your power box can handle it. You can get good cheap ones at around $30 for 500W.
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