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video game music

anyone have any video game music bands?

i would like it in the stlye of the Minibosses

Great site, I'm a huge fan of some of the work that's been posted up there.
mistuh griddlez
The Guy Above Me (deStructuralized) wrote:

Great site, I'm a huge fan of some of the work that's been posted up there.

wow thanks for the link!

also for some midis of actual game music (made by normal people (not the real songs)) go to
the only video game music i have ever liked is the halo creates such suspense
By the way, about video games music.
Can you advise me how can I take off music from FIFA'05 game? I like many tracks from there, so I want to make it play longer.
if you like the minibosses, then check out the advantage. they have 2 albums out and they are both great. They do several castelvania tracks mostly from castlevania 3 but on their last record they do a track from the original game. So yea check them out they are much better than the minibosses in my opinion. (ps my favorite tack of theirs is a toss up between a ducktails track and a wizards and warriors track.)
altmana wrote:
then check out the advantage.

What he said. I've seen the Advantage twice and they're great. The Megaman 2 songs are my favorites. They actually released a few CD's under the name Generic a few years ago that are pretty similar. Generic had a few different members. Their site's at:
I can suggest music from old games. For example, when I remember the music of some C64 games, like Giana Sisters, Outrun or Last Ninje, they were amazing.

Right now, many fans of that games have remixes of those old tracks. Chris Hueselback is one of my favorites. Super Mercenary has a very nice rock cover of Giana Sisters Theme music.

Just google for it.
So many games, and so much good music.

I would have to say personally though a good portion of my Favorites were done by Nobuo Uematsu while working with the wide array of Final Fantasy Games.
This is slightly off topic but I've got an awesome site for piano players here - it's all video game music.

A friend of mine runs it although he's hardly on MSN any more... probably busy aranging all that lot Laughing
Quake 2 by Sonic Mayhem is about the strongest soundtrack I've heard that was written for a game. Also the music for Command & Conquer and Red Alert were good.

Do the Star Wars games count? Very Happy
Jakob [JaWGames]
Watch this site: it contains the music from a lot of RPGs, which, if you ask me, is the genre with the best music Smile
I strongly recommend all the Final Fantasy music..
deStructuralized wrote:

Great site, I'm a huge fan of some of the work that's been posted up there.

wow, thanks for the link, that's good site~ and I like there work.

I found Japanese video game usually have one or few very good soundtrack CD, my favorite is "Zwei!" which is a old game made by Falcom
I'm not usually a big fan of video game music, but i must say that i love the madden and tony hawk soundtracks year after year
I really like the covers of game music done by the Spoony Bards. I got to see them live at a convention not too long ago, and they're amazing - they have so much energy! They've got some sample songs available on their website, if you'd care to hear what they sound like.
There's the black mages, but they don't really make video game music. They take the stuff from final fantasy and make it "rock."
Motoracer380 wrote:
the only video game music i have ever liked is the halo creates such suspense

...and the four movements of the odyssey by incubus.
Motoracer380 wrote:
the only video game music i have ever liked is the halo creates such suspense

Yup. Brothers in Arms from the Halo soundtrack is great. I also like Blow me away by Breaking Benjamin in the halo 2 soundtrack.
I love the music from a few games:
-All the Zelda games
-Final Fantasy VI
-Gradius III
-Probably more I can't think of

Ocarina had some classics. Saria's Song is so catchy. I'll always love the Song of Storms as well.

Here's someone playing the Zelda theme on a freaking 11-string bass! It's insane!
Music from "Survival Horror Games" Such as Silent Hill / Resident Evil / AITD.

Good link to download all the songs from these games for free :

Evil Unleashed
Settlers - Heritage of the kings
The elder scrolls - morrowind
Music from Tales of Phantasia.... yea, an old game but I love it! XD
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