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GOW= Gears of War

Has anyone played it. If so what did you think?
I haven't played it but if oyu want a professional opinion (as well opinions of some players) look on ign. Here is the link for Gears of War:
Chainsaw action haha. My friend got GOW just today. He said it was awesome, can't wait to go over to his house and play it
MYP415 wrote:
I haven't played it but if oyu want a professional opinion (as well opinions of some players) look on ign. Here is the link for Gears of War:

I have read all of thoose articles lol. I was looking for a real opinion from some gamers not a "professional opinion" lol
OMG i played it it was awsome my friend got it I went to his house and turned out I slept there we played it all night it was so fun.
Still waiting for the release the 17th of november, im so all hyped up about the game that i really start caring how many seconds there is on 7 days(hence its the 10th november atm), 7 days to i get this game and i just cant wait for it, ive been watching almost every video there is on the internet, and im still so hyped out! too bad the other guys in the U, S and the A got it before, so i cant check the official forums without seeing spoilers and so on!

Cant wait!!
Yeah my friends in the Uk hate us for the early release lol.
TarsajumaClan wrote:
Yeah my friends in the Uk hate us for the early release lol.

Agreed, i dont see the point in diffrent release dates, ppl in Australia have to to the 24th november, quite idiotic id say.
I have heard great things about this game. I don't have an xbox 360 so I haven't tried it out myself, but from the videos I have seen it looks like awesome fun.

Also it uses the Unreal Engine three by Epic so is about the best looking game getting around out there at the moment. It would be worth playing for the eye candy alone I think.

Multiplayer also looks like a lot of fun. There is a nasty, head popping sniper rifle and a satellite orbital strike to name a couple of weapons. Almost enough to make we want to get an xbox 360!!
If I had X360 I would buy GoW instantly. Don't know if it would ever come out for PC. It has awesome graphics and huge dose of gameplay. GameSpot rated it 9.6 out of 10.
Most people just refer to the game as "Gears".

But it IS coming out on the PC, although when is uncertain, and I'm definitely buying an Xbox 360 now that I've seen this game in action.
It must be good because one of my friends bought it the day it came out and I haven't seen him since.
I played through it on hardcore coop on Friday/Sat and it's an excellent game. It's obviously not for everyone, but it's worth at least a rental for all XBOX360 owners.
I really want to play this game...
The graphs are stunning and a lot of pre/reviews say that it is an amazing game..

I watched the commercial yesterday, and it is really funny (in a sort of way)
intense action with a 'slow' happy song.
Gears of War is supposed to be the best action game ever made. I saw the gamespot review on it and it looks so sick. The chainsaw is so badass. Wish I had a 360 and an HD tv to play it on.
It's supposed to be the "Halo of 2006". At first, i didn't entirely agree with that, as i'm a decently large Halo fan. Then i played it when it came out and my friends house and i'm gonna have to say that i was thoroughly impressed. Everything they did with the game just amazed me. That last boss was pretty gay though.
So is Gears of Wat worth buying or just worth renting....from those that played the game Wink
Gears is wroth buying, the story could be longer but its all right. The online needs to be patched tho. I do not like this noobie ass moves that happen EVERY GAME. People spam it, were they stick frags to people.. Its bull shit thats all these little 12 year olds do and they think they got "skill" doing this. Acting all big and such, its crap, epic needs to remove it or less the damage on it to make it not kill you with just one.

Other then that, the graphics are the best out so far and its not even what half of what the 360 can do. Epic them selfs said GOW2 will look 3 times better.
I just completed the single players some time ago and i still enjoy it like hell. Best is clearly online, the VoIP pwns if you have some okay team mates and the maps and modes are great. Eventhough i miss a bit more maps and larger armory of weapons, nothing beats getting the torgue bow and blow 2 enemies up with it Smile
Now this game shows graphics and game play at its finest, well thats just what i think. The game play looks awsome, just the feel of it is awsome lol! The graphics look spetacular, if a game looks that good, it has to be awsome!

When i can I will get htis game and play it as much as I can! As far as I can tell its a game that you cant put down........

Later all!

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