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will buy links, sig space, & tags for frih$

Hi, I am willing to buy links to my site on your signatures, blogs, and websites. I will also buy tags. Here is my current price list:

Signatures (on this forum or others where you are active):
signature 1 month 100+ posts: 30frih$
signature 1 month less than 100 posts: 15frih$

website 1 month PR0: 25frih$
website 1 month PR1-2: 70frih$
website 1 month PR3: 100frih$
website 1 month PR4: 250frih$
website 1 month PR5:350frih$
website 1 month PR6:500frih$
website 1 month 7-9PR: 850frih$

you will get compensation based on the PR of the webpage that the link is on Tags:20frih$

All links are text links, I may be offering banner links soon and I will pay more for those if I decide to do it

If you are interested in any of these deals please post here or pm me. If you think anything is unfair please post here and I will consider changing it.

note: I hold the right to decline any deals I don't wish to part take in
Also this offer maybe unavailable for a period of time if I run out of frih$

link: MYPNet- Web Creation Community

active offers:
polly-gone signature nov. 9 to dec. 9 (15 paid)
I have a site with lots of backlinks, and sites linked in from PR4+ to PR6.

It is PR0 for now because its new but has a predicted PR 5.

I also have 700+ posts and I would like a little bit more than 35 Frih$ for 1 month.

I also get 6500-7000 hits per day on my site : Fantasy PC

By the way no one is going to give you PR5-6 links for 150 Frih$, I buy PR6 links for $25 a month, and PR7 links are 65$ a month. PR8 and PR9 are out of reach, I know has bids on a text link for their PR9 homepage for like 2000$.
ok well for the pr0 site I'd like to start off with a one week deal where I'll give you 25frih$ then if I see a good amount of hits coming in from your site I will give you 50 or 75 frih$ (or maybe mroe if I get lots of hits) per month. As for your signature how much do you think you should get for it?

Thanks for your ideas on my pricing. I will change the pr5-6 price but first I think I'm going to get some more frih$. I am also adding a new signature offer for those who post often (im still contemplating what to offer if anyone has ideas please let me know)
Ok. Hows this:

For 1 month link on my sig I will do 770(my posts) divided by 200 posts which is 3.85. So then for every 200 posts I will do 20 Frih$. So if 3.85 x 20 Frih$ = 77 Frih$, I will do an offer for 70Frih$ .

So I hope you understood by algebraic method of pricing, and the total is 70 Frih$ for 1 month.


Once you get more Frih$ we will talk about my website link.

EDIT: I have a better Idea.

Go to my website in my signature fantasy pc. Register there and make 10 posts.

And I will put your link in my sig for 1 month for only 25$ Frih.
ratman: I've pmed you about the offer

anyone else interested?
Well, MYP415, I am already advertising your website in my signature because you applied for it here. So, can I take part in this offer?
Ok I made some adjustments to my prices and am now offering more for websites. As for signature ads I am only going to accept one more because I already have a few sig ads and I would much rather have website ads.

If interested please post here or pm me.

Since I have gotten more frih$ lately I have raised the amount I will pay for website links. All prices are negotiable also so don't be afraid to pm me or tell em if you think my rates are unfair.
Raised prices again... anyone want to do this? If you think anything is unfair please post or pm me, I can negotiate with
Advertised your site in my signature here on Frihost. I have about 240 posts here. So, can you pay me? I don't have any website right now so I can't do the other thing.
Sure... I've sent the frih$
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