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Would/Do you pay for your domain name?

I have just submitted the form to keep my domain name for another year (for 19 euro). Last year it was for free, but if you want to keep it you have to pay for it. Domain names aren't usually for free, are they? And mine's pretty cheap now, isn't it? (It's about the same in dollar!)
You can only get thirlevel domains for free.
I can get *.de for about 4 and org, com, net os so for 12

If your site is well visited (about 30 per day) and you accept advertisments, you can get one for free on (if you are interested and don't speak german, you can ask me to do it for you)

I pay about 10 every two years for mine, it's pretty decent Very Happy
Vlien wrote:
(It's about the same in dollar!)

If the exchange rate really is about even, then you got ripped off in a big way. I've seen them for under $7, and I would never pay $10 or more for one.

I'd say, you just paid for both the previous year and the next, whatever they tell you.
It depends if I can come up with anything worth putting on a domain to justify the costs.
Yes, I pay for my .com domain. It's 9,99$ per year.
But in Croatia .hr domain (which is Croatian national domain) is free for all companies and institutions. For personal use that domain must be in form
Very Happy
i pay 6.10 for 2 yrs! Laughing
I will buy one eventualy.
Most are cheap in the UK.
My domain was only 1.99 (approx $4) per year - it's well worth the money. Not only does it make your site look more professional, it also gives you access to the wonderful world of email addresses: any address you want at your own domain.

In terms of email, you can also use hosted email services such as Google Apps For Your Domain, but if it's quite a small-scale domain, spam should (theoretically) not be such a problem.
Gaaaaaaaaaah noooooo! Yeah, I see, I've been ripped off badly! Cool seems like I ought to look for a new provider next time. I've never seen Belgian domain names any cheaper than that though, but maybe I haven't searched well enough. Ah well...
You know, they even told us that this is a 65% promotion... I'm so naive :p usually it's much more expensive even, like 25 or 30 euro a year??
If you want to use top domain you must pay.But is free for everyone who is a memeber of RIPN.
My top domain UMAHA.COM cost ¥55/year ,about $6. and another Mobi domain cost ¥180/2years.
I pay around 9$ for my .com domain currently..

I do plan to buy another one soon.. I am looking at offers that will interest me.
I buy all my domain names through NamePros.
It used namepoints as currency and I did not
spend even one cents for my domain names.

I'm wondering if it's possible to buy domain
names using frih$. That would be really great.
justnewbie wrote:
I'm wondering if it's possible to buy domain
names using frih$. That would be really great.

No, this isn't possible - Frihost do not sell domain names directly. You could theoretically buy a domain from another Frihost member using FRIH$ - as far as I know, this has never happened on Frihost since FRIH$ have no monetary value, but you could always try the Marketplace forum.
If you're looking for cheap domainnames you could always try dotTK domains.
They are free, but the problem is that you don't own the domainname untill you pay for it.
It all depends on what your domainname is worth to you:
Arrow is it worth the money
Arrow or just settle for the free stuff

For hobby projects free domains are excellent, but for anything commercial you will have to delve into your pockets!

justnewbie wrote wrote:
I'm wondering if it's possible to buy domain
names using frih$. That would be really great.

I think that this wouldn't work. Most domains are registered for a certain period (maybe a year, maybe 100) after that you will have to pay a fee for prolonging you domainownership (like rent) now then you won't deal with a FriHost person no more but with a real company...Very Happy and They don't take FriedBucks. But MAYBE im WRONG some domains you could probably get like that but .COM and .NET ain't that easy to get.
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