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Seeding and Tithing

Seeding and Tithing are really effective in bringing blessings.
I recently seeded and tithed after a long time. And the harvest has been rich in the form of bills being paid off, bill amounts being reduced, debts being cleared and so on.
I'm all for tithing, but;
Seeding? Please explain. What is it?
Seeding simply means tithing in advance for something you wish to manifest. The best book on Seeding is by Jon Speller and it is being marketed by Joe Vitale.

I had tithed some money to my spiritual Guru last month.
This month, the outgo on several recurring bills is far less as some ``mysterious'' adjustments have been done by the service providers. The end result is that I do not have to pay the bills at all or I have to only pay some marginal amount.

Some more harvest.I find myself in the flow even though things may not happen as I wish them to be.Needs are being met miraculously and essential bills are being paid.
Tithe = 10% of income
Offering= anything given above 10% (also know as sowing a seed)

as a pastor i love to here tithing stories, i myself so many times have so little and always tithe first and it always seems like their is enough togo around and then some, and ive often only had five dollars in my pocket and gave it and found twenty in my wallet when it was emty when i gave all i had that night,

amen and thank you for that encouraging testimony

Pastor Joseph
Abundant Life World outreach
Captain Fertile
I have always been intrigued by the theory of Tithing; it is kind of a spiritual ‘what goes around comes around’.

Before my religious awakening several years ago I was interested in it because Jim Rohn, one of the world's leading motivational speakers advocated it in one of his seminars I listened to. He was not stating tithes should be made to him but to the particular God you follow. Doing so will improve the success of the venture on which you are embarking, he claimed. An interesting thing for a modern business guru to say I thought - although he is clearly a religious man.

I have always believed that good things and bad things you do return to either haunt or reward you -usually many fold.

Tithing is a fulfilling thing to believe BUT it can be very dangerous due to the number of people out there willing to exploit the belief to their own ends.

Most of us have heard of Evangelist preachers on certain TV channels and radio stations actively demanding tithes, gifts, salvation donations or whatever they choose to call them. Failure to make the required level of payment spells dire retribution for those concerned – emotional and spiritual blackmail in its most unadulterated form. It is not, of course, confined to the kind of preachers I have just mentioned.

On the whole I find tithing to be a worthwhile pursuit although I tend to give my money to charity each month (our family sponsors a little baby girl in West Africa) rather than to a specific church or personal guru. Although we also make an offering when we attend church.

The feeling of well being by doing this, especially knowing that we are not the richest of families by any means, brings its own rewards beside any monetary gain God may or may not see fit to bestow.
yep , i agree many of the things tv preachers do , do not line up with the word of God and its sad.
I seeded/tithed Rs.700 or so last month using credit card. The blessings manifested soon thereafter. The credit limit of one of my credit cards was enhanced without my making a request. Then the tyre of my car konked off and I got a new tyre. I also got the car seat covers changed and bought a Sony Ericsion mobile with blue tooth at discounted rates and the credit card companies converted these purchases into ``loan'' and fixed very reasonable EMIs.
I suppose a joke about "seeding files" would be inappropriate. In my humble opinion one should give to those in need whether it be a religious leader or the less fortunate that one comes across.
Tithing is giving one tenth of your monthly income. And according to the word of God it is his share. So, it is a must for Christians to give tithe.

Seeding is giving to a Church beyond Tithe. You can seed one time or promise to seed every month. But this cannot be mixed with Tithe.

The word says, As you SOW, you REAP. It's not like investing in mutual funds and others. While seeding you don't expect to get back double, or triple the amount you've seeded. You must have faith that when you plant a seed it will bear good fruits in all forms. Meaning, even if you don't get double, triple, etc the amount, you could end up having a happier life, a healthier life, less bills, etc.

God cannot be forced to give us more money by giving some to him. However, when we seed, he may show his grace towards us, not because he is forced to do it. That is God's love.

Tithing and Seeding are therefore different from helping the need ones.
You don't seed (give) certain amount to poor and needy people and say I am seeding this money. Seeding is something you give to organisation, ministry, church, etc.
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