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Who is your favourite batsman???

who is the best batsman??
Brain lara
 28%  [ 2 ]
Sachin tendulkar
 42%  [ 3 ]
Ricky ponting
 0%  [ 0 ]
Stephen Fleming
 14%  [ 1 ]
Sanath jayasurya
 0%  [ 0 ]
Herschelle Gibbs
 14%  [ 1 ]
Kevin petierson
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 7

This is for you all cricket fans,
Who is the best batsman????
I have included a poll,
since there are many i have only added only some.
please remind me if i have left out any important ones.
I vote for Sachin tendulkar since he is the god of cricket.
He can Drive classics shots even when he is under pressure.
He can make things happen which are unexpected.
I've voted for Fleming.....he's cool!!
Fleming is both hard haitting and glammerous.
He is one of the glammerous cricketer i have seen in my life.
Fleming is a shining black cat.But not as shining as sachin.
man! you left out 'rahul the wall dravid' from your list!

your list seem to have only the flamboyant strokemakers and for god's sake how do you put peterson amongst the greats like sachin and jayasurya?

these are batsmen who have slogged and toiled for their respective countries for over a decade and you put a kid who is rash, hard hitting and hot blooded along with them?

My list would have 1) Dravid 2) Ponting 3) Jayasurya 4) Kallis 4) Lara 5) Tendulkar 6) Inzy 7) Fleming 8)Vaughan(actually none from the english team)
If i could put a batsman in the list it would be Adrian Kuiper, former Western Cape and South African batsman.

I remember years ago when he dismantled the rebel English tour before SA rejoined the international arena. As well as his few international matches, he had infinate talent.

Not bad for an apple farmer.

Well if you don't let me refresh your memory. It was amidst heavy political turmoil in 1989 when the ANC had been unbanned and Nelson Mandela released. In many ways these political happenings had overshadowed the second English Rebel tour to South Africa. The first to have visited was captained by Graham Gooch, however Mike Gatting had decided it was now his chance to cash in on the money that one could get from Rebel Tour. Anyway, let me not go off in a tangent. It was a warm summer's night in Bloemfontein and a Day/Night match was being contested by a South African XI and a Rebel English XI.

That night Adrian Kuiper was to create a huge demolition of an English attack. He smashed huge sixes off most of the bowlers and his batting partner Peter Kirsten was just there for the show. By the time Kuiper was eventually out he had scored 117! He made his hundred off a mere 49 balls. However due to exhaustion his last 17 runs were made off all of 17 balls.

This was also the man who in the World Cup had a torrid time and really made very few scores of note until of course that day at the Wanderers against the Australians. South Africa, batting first and well in command at 245 for 5 at the end of the 49th over had now progessed into the 50th over. At the end of that 50th over Australia had conceded 26 runs all off the bat of Kuiper. The second last ball was hoisted over mid-wicket for a huge six and the last one was a no-ball. This was hit back over McDermott's head for six. The eventual last ball was also hit for six - over mid-wicket! And finally Kuiper had announced his coming. He went on to score more quick runs later in the One-day series as I recall a particular 33 off 16 balls!
Who can forget the innings Hershelle Gibbs played when SA beat australia to score 438? That was a truly great innings. On their day there is not much to distinguish Lara, Gibbs, Ponting or Tendulkar. But for consistancy I would have to go with Tendulkar. He has played so many matches and has the most runs.
Actually thats just ODIs

I am an Indian, I love Sachin, but I definitely think Lara has been more consistent in tests.

Ponting is great too.

Dravid is a class act !

Over the last 15 years, I would say Lara is the best
Peterson isn't a great batsman, he was a little lucky in the last ashes. He hasn't performed since. Lara was a wonderfull worker of the willow who knew where the boundry was. Magic!!!

Didn't like him playing against England though!!!
Well you haven't given all the batsmen in the poll or it shouldn't have been a poll after all. Not every one can have there favourite batsman just in the listed poll.
But amogst these i like Tendulkar The most , The way he plays from his pads i just love that. and well every batsmen has got his own abilities and weaknesses so none is perfect in all conditions and times. But i think the inclusion of such a batsman does not guarantee the winning of the game unless its a team effort.
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