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HO scale steam locos from kits

I build Bowser kits. BIGTIME. I've built over 50 of them from the little docksiders with superdetail kits, to the Challenger, and more H9's and K4's than you can shake a stick at.

I model the N&W in the 1930's.. i've built 6 of the USRA 4-8-2's with a LOT of changes.

I really need a model RR manufacturer to build JUST TENDERS. Any type that was proprietary to any road. N&W, PRR, UP, C&O etc.

I have a N&W 4-8-0 M2c project that I need to make a NEW boiler body for. The one I have right now is a prototype to see how all the details fit.

I bought a Tyco Pacific kit once. Holy Chinese death-camp labor, Batman! I was blown away by all the various tiny rivets and links used to assemble the valve gear. And all the other work involved, only to end up with a measley, stinking Tyco Pacific. Phooey.
S3nd K3ys
I'm almost ready to get a set for my kids. They're almost 2 and 4, I think they're almost ready.
Yes what kid doesnt love a train set? However i would not suggest going with anything that i have talked about above as these are quite expensive.
I have been looking into getting into model railroading. I just don't have the room. Earlier this year I bought an HO Scale train set and an N Scale train set from the hobby shop near me. Not cheap ones either. Once we buy a house (with a big basement!), I'll get started on a layout, probably N Scale first for that I make myself. Apart from being very expensive, it's the perfect hobby. You need skills from carpentry to painting to wiring, sculpting if you build your own mountains. Some of tha mail order stuff in the railroad magazines looks great, but the exchange rate and customs fees to get them into Canada would make them even more expensive. I'll have to get to the Model train show next fall and see if I can't get some sweet deals

One day I'd like a Garden Railroad too. Those look nifty too.
Smokey, do you some good links to the steam powered trains?
I have looked at them in the past,
but the price tags on those engines made me gasp.
I don't buy them i build them myself i can post some pics if you would like me to.....Yes the price tags on them can definitely make your pocket book grow legs and run away Smile However you can build them for about half the price but its very very time consuming and can be quite tedious but the finished product is amazing and very worthwhile every once in a while i do however sell some of my products if I'm just experimenting or doing it out of boredom or something of that nature the next one i decide to sell i can give you very generous price and throw it on e-bay for you if you would like.
How hard would it be to make a 1hp or even a 5hp equivalent steam engine?
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