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rate my sites plzzz!

rate my sites plzzz!
gursimran2006 wrote:
rate my sites plzzz!

No offence, but I didn't like your site. There isn't so clear navigation, fonts are huge. Google search doesn't fit the theme. Background and text are nearly same colour.
Best Browser to view my sites!!!
Site should be able to view with any browser. Your source code has huge load of crap. Try to make code cleaner, if you can't just try. It is easy to make better. Try to fix code according W3 Validator and when it is valid, try to make it much more cleaner. It can be valid, but not clean in your case. Have you heard about <center>-tag or style="aling:center" ?

I can give you 1/5, but it might be too much. That is just my opinion.
Yeah I wasn't too fond of your sites either... in a way i liked them though.

Your 7 wonders site was cool but the background just wasn't fitting - it seemed very dashing and high-tech for that kind of info site. Plus, the font could perhaps be changed as well as the colour - "times" is so boring!

Your other site - goindwal sahib - was very mish-mash if you ask me... too many images in too many places and it got confusing - i wasn't really sure where i was looking. promising site though - i like the idea... just change the layout slightly.

cheers. Very Happy
thank you for your suggestions.

plzz help me to improve my sites.

i am an amatuer web designer. Crying or Very sad
Yeah, colours dont look too good IMO.
Im in the same bout though, but thats for another thread.
Keep up the good work. Very Happy
wow. change the colors. you really must change the colors. and the google stuff at the bottom are not lined up right. i think. Sad best of luck, though.
The colors are bad. You might want to use a plain color container for your content if you are going to use a wild background image like that. The google stuff looks best with a white background.

You have a good start. you just to add a little more style to it. there are many color pallet programs avalible you should really google it.

I would recomend learning css to build web pages insted of tables and inline styles.
I dont know anything about css.
tell me some about css and give me some links of online tutorials to learn css

(sorry for my bad english) Embarassed
poor thing. EVERY web designer needs to know about CSS. lemme help ya out. PM me your email, and i'll make you a shiny, original, brand new HTML template that matches those buttons.

EDIT: see if you like it. here is a preview of the header.
Is it OK now

open again
i have finished your template

you can see a preview Here

you can download the template

please note, in actuality, the template is centered, not aligned to the left as in the snapshot.
Hum, no I didn't like, the boxes wasnt very well done. And the colors could be better. Try to make a hole new site from the grounds and I think it will be better.

Best regards
you did a good job modifing my template. but you need to space the adsense on the right form the rest of the page. try using the div tag to wrap the ads with:

<div align="right">
adsense code here

also, a notice needs to be added that says "best viewed in firefox", so people will know why the site doesn't display right using opera.
Technaut has done great work to you, but there are still some errors. Validate your site and you will see them. Validator

Here is summary about errors and how to fix them.
1. Add doctype.
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">

2. Height atribute isn't valid, you should override it by using css.
3. Use alt-atributes with images.
4. Bordercolor isn't valid, same thing as with height.
5. Rest of errors come about &-sign in urls. Replace those &-signs with &amp; it is same, but browsers understand that better and source is then valid.

Your site rate is now 3/5. Keep going Wink
plzz rate my new site
Digital Thoth
Now, I'm no web design guru, I've only made about 20 of them myself in the past two years, but I look at them alot! And.. not to be offensive, but while the colors mesh well together, they hurt the eyes just a wee bit. And, it feels cluttered. Maybe try using a horizontal adsense, that might flesh it out a little?
I like your forum, the color are all in harmony.
Why don't you try those same colors in the front page? to make the pages consistent.
Just a suggestion...
The list of links at the top, below the banner... two of them aren't linked Wink
{name here}
Your site looks terribly disfigured in opera.
ur site needs more photo, color and designing. U also didn't use tag codes in ur pages.
My two cents,
On the front index page make your site a little more colourful, and in the content make each section so that it matches up colour schemes with the rest of the site.
{name here} can you tell me why my site is disfigured in opera???
how to figure it??
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