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Bearded Dragon fans

I have been wanting a bearded dragon for ages and have been reading up on them and learning how to look after them. The only reason I haven't got one yet is because I haven't found anyone to look after it when I go on holiday. Has anybody else got one and are they good pets to have? What do you do when you go away?
They are awesome pets, I have 2. They require quite a bit of care however, and need to be fed every day just like most any other pet. When I go on vacation I get a babysitter, a friend, or family member. They are omnivorious meaning the eat both veggies, fruits, and insects. They need to be fed a balanced diet of different kinds of fruits and veggies, and insects every couple days.
Captain Fertile
Bearded Dragons make superb pets compared to a lot of other reptiles but they do need special care and lots of research like you are doing.

They also require, from what I have read and been told, human or Bearded Dragon Company otherwise they can sulk and even get depressed. Don’t underestimate how much your Dragon may miss you while you are away. They have been known to sulk and not come out of hiding until their owner comes back from work or shopping etc. then they bolt to the glass of the vivarium and follow you around with their eyes until you acknowledge them – they are so cool like that.

If you go on holiday for any length of time you must have a good baby-sitter. Someone who is not afraid of the dragon and who understands its needs including companionship, foods (including any supplements and suplliers), heat and light.

Also have details of what should be done in an emergency and what to look for to prevent an emergency (your baby sitter may not know what is normal behaviour for your dragon and what is not).

Also join some GOOD Herp forums (I have listed a few to get you started but have not tried them myself), you will gain untold knowledge in these forums once you find one you like and trust. You will also learn who you can trust on the forums and who talks out of their ears.

Hope some of this helps.

P.S. I am no expert because I kept snakes but I did research long and hard about possibly getting a Beardie but decided I couldn’t care for one as well as it would need.

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