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unhappy ...

i am a little bit confused. i searched now several hours on your forum and took informations from several posts and suggestions and i cannot agree with one point of 1 don't as states above in this foum.

you tell, that you will not open a new lanuage site. but this is i think against another rule. here it goes ...

as 1 rule i read, that you want cover your costs and you do it so, that you don't put advertisment on your members site, but on your own site (forum). ok, understand.

next rule you say, it's more important have quality than quantity posts. ok, understand, too.

and now it comes: how can foreign people do quality postings and have a strong community, when they are not so common in english, like people with english as their native language?

and wouldn't it bring more, if you a community could communicate in the language, which they know best? i am speaking of german people and i am speaking of a german community. i am sure, that there are quite members enough, who will highly appreciate it, if they can post in german language.

but - a german forum is now not installed and as far as i understand, you are not going to do it.

i am not complaining, i only want broaden your understanding of the necessity of such forum. many german people don't want post to much in english, because they are afraid, that other could smile about them poor knowledge of english (mee too).

so please think about it. otherwise a german forum will also bring you many page impressions. not from the first day, but every beginning is hard.
and please - to all other members: write your opinions about open a german forum. who will be against and who not? and why.

if we german will be enough, i am sure, we will have soon our german forum.

thanks, folks.
The problem is that it's not as simple as creating a new forum for German speakers. We need to be able to monitor the forum and this means that we need some German speaking staff. The forum would also need to be relatively popular in order for it to be worthwhile - if it wasn't busy, people wouldn't post topics in it. In our experience, if this happens the forum gets a lot of spam posted in it.

I'm sorry that you're not happy, but we won't be creating a German forum in the foreseeable future.

And PS: Please don't double-post.

There are very few Germans on Frihost, maybe because most Germans don't search for a free host in English and don't find Frihost that way.

Also, we already have a lot of problems with the current language forums so it's not a good idea to start new ones.
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