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Goodmorning from belgium

heya all
i'm as you prob guessed it from belgium
i used to be the proud owner of a rather alive rpg site on another site
but how nice of them, they lost it
i ended here to start a new one
still hoping i can get my hands on a back-up but that will prob not happen
ah wel
enough of my previous home
other things bout me
i love anything fantasy related
i rp alot and play wow
if ya wanna know anything else, just give a holler
Hey Lessien, welcome to the forums.

Sorry to hear about the backups, do you plan to re-design it completly now? I like RPGs too but the monthly descriptions put me off WoW. If you never remember to backup your site (like me Embarassed) use Dreamweaver... every time it saves it automatically saves a local copy just in case.
wel, i'm indeed planning to re-design it again
i luckely remember the most of my members so i can warn them the site will be on another location now
the only think i'm not happy bout is that now i lost all my rp's that were going on on that site
and all the characters created by my members
as for the back-ups
i used a host that had a php installed on all the subsites
you could only change the skin (after requesting that they would put it available)
the back-ups were also disabled so only the admid on the actual site could do that so i couldn't make them myself
at the time it looked like a good idea to me that they handled the technical part of the site as the soursecode and all
boy, was i mistaken
basicly the first server crashed and they lost my site
and the owner will prob shut down the main site completely with offering paid webdomains as alternative
so went searching and here i am
Same happened to me. I've always used Frihost for my forum (new hosts weren't as good for php features) but I moved my main site earlier in the year to a new host... some insanly good package as long as you had a domain. But they couldn't support it any more... too many people abusing the services Sad

So I moved my main site back to here again, woo-hoo! Laughing
Hm. A WoW player.

I used to play WoW.

What level characters do you have? Smile

Welcome to Frihost.
glad to be here
as bout wow
my level depends on what character
i have 4 dif ones on 3 dif realm
i have a level 11 elven rogue on a rp realm
on that same realm also a level 13 troll shaman
a level 12 elven hunter and a level 13 warmage on 2 pvp realms
they are still low but only playing for over a month now
but have decided to just keep leveling my warmage and shaman
the horde does seem easier to level
or atleast i can handle most things myself
i'm on the european servers btw
what bout you?
Hey. Welcome to Frihost.
it's good to be here.
Welcome to FriHost Lessien.
If you were searching for you good host then I must say "welcome home" cuz this is the BEST host I ever tried for FRIZZAY (free:?)!!
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