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The Prestige

Has anyone seen this movie?

I just saw it and although it is a good thriller, it just takes a nosedive into science fiction at the end. I think since it is about magic, they should have really done something with fantasy.
I haven't seen it, but the trailers looked freakin awesome. I'd like to see it, if I get time.
First time I saw the trailer I thought "this looks awful" but on closer view I'm now wandering if it could be quite a good film... Time will tell, but I think finding out some of the names behind it helped.
It gets superhard to follow towards the end.


Mainly because clones of the main characters start popping up everywhere and you don't know who's who. Me and my friend had major debates about these things.
Yea I haven't seen it either but I have some friends who have and they all said it gets pretty hard to follow but overall it is a great movie.
This movie looks interesting from the trailer. Haven't really heard any great reviews for it, so I held off seeing it in theatres. Apparently it's very cool and relatively good, but goes haywire after a while. Maybe I'll take a look at it when it comes out.
Watched it on Sunday, was impressed enough to reccomend the movie to my friends.

I'll keep this spoiler free as any hints can spoil it (even if an above poster has ruined it for anyone browsing).

The trailer makes you expect something very different from the actually movie, I liked this as it fits with the 3 stages to magic that the movie makes refference to.

As such the movie was not what I expected, it has a good story, fantastic acting (Bale/Jackman what more needs said) and a top notch director. While some of the "twists" are irritatingly obvious the ending will leave you going"didn't expect that" and should have you arguing with whoever you went to see it with. I like that, if a movie has you discussing it after you see if it was obviously worth going to see.

Downside of the movie is the middle, in my opinion it slowed down a lot when they tried to show the 2 main characters trying to get "one up" on each other. It could have possible been speeded up in parts. But if that's my only gripe with the movie it can't be all that much off an issue.

Go see it, and when more people have done we can argue here about the ending Smile
the trailer looks great and seems to be interesting..

but well, got no time to watch it anyway..
One of my favourite Nolan films. Just a bit of logic and you've got the answers. A perfect film, striking your emotions.
A magician performs an illusion for a young girl explaining that each trick has three parts; the pledge, where the audience is presented with an ordinary object; the turn, where the object is turned into something extraordinary; and the prestige, where the object is brought back.

Magician Alfred Borden is sentenced to death for the murder of rival Robert Angier by drowning him in a water tank during one of Angier's performances. Both began their careers as shills for "Milton the Magician" with ingénieur John Cutter and Angier's wife Julia as his assistant. The pair observe an elderly Asian magician who is able to make a large fishbowl appear seemingly from nothing. Borden realizes that the man's frailty is in fact the act and comments that true magic requires commitment and sacrifice.
An awesome movie. Though not totally scientific
My friends and I wanted to go see it, but unfortunately we didn't make it. The trailers for it look pretty awesome too.
planning to watch,....
A great movie... it will give a good sense of how far one would go for its passion...

The historical scifi part is also very entertaining, featuring Nicholas Tesla.
Yes and Bowie is such an amazing one depicting Tesla. Reminding me of the film made me wish to rewatch it again.
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