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Tighter regulations on contests (more forums?)

I'm thinking we could use some refinements to the contests forum.

I figure it should be only used for true contests, such as the 'photoshop morpheous' contest.

This might make some people miss the old forum with it's broader rules, so I'd propose splitting both the contests and marketplace forums.

In the end it would look like this:
Contests: For true tests of skill that do not give the starter of the contest anything tangible. (No 'the person who gives me the best name for my new site gets 100frih$' type threads)
Games of Chance: For 'contests' that do not involve the skill of the person entering it, such as lotteries and 'guess a number' games.
Marketplace: For selling or buying things with the price, the person paying, and person being paid clearly defined from early on in the process.
Requests and Auctions: For requesting things where the requester will only pay one of several people trying to fulfill the request, or where one person is selling something to the highest bidder.

I think this would make things better and easier to find for buyers, sellers, contest starters, and contest participants. It would give all of them less things to wade through while looking for what they want, while giving them the advantage of looking only at the type of thing that they want to do.

For example, I like to fulfill graphics requests sometimes, but I like to have a contract from the beginning, so that I don't end up doing it all for nothing. With this system, I wouldn't have to wade through the type of requests I don't like in order to find the kind I do.
Another example: I like contests of skill (if it's a skill I have), but I don't like games of chance (the person running the contest always profits). This way, I could find the kind of contests I like, and avoid the others.
Hmmmm good point but that would mean having to scroll down even longer down the page which is beggining to become longer...I would suggest sub-forums but those have been put down as things not to request, blaster reminded me, and who runs the daily guess a number contest (pants are optional Laughing ) makes no profit, and just today I made ten frih from it.
^The longer page won't be a big issue; they're already near the bottom of the page, so they won't need to be scrolled past very often.
ocalhoun wrote:
^The longer page won't be a big issue; they're already near the bottom of the page, so they won't need to be scrolled past very often.

And looking at a number of them now, all you would need to do is shrink th "new" and "no new" post images, and it would also save a bit of space
^Quite true, but I suppose that'll have to wait for the redesign...
Still, it wouldn't be hard; not even any code to edit, just make some images smaller.
I think that 4 forums for "games" is a bit overkill... Not to mention, this is a hosting site, which used to be primarily about web design/programming. I don't think that the FriHost forums need to become anymore off-topic than they already are.
^It wouldn't involve anything that's not going on already, it would just organize it better.
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