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so yesterday (on my birthday) i was copying a non-protected DVD on my area-51 laptop using an external optical drive.

in the middle of ripping the data, my comp drops everything and i get the infamous "blue screen of death" but this one at the bottom said

"dumping physical memory"

i watched it do nothing, since the HDD light wasnt blinking nor was the processor light blinking so i assumed the system locked and did a force shutdown by holding the power button. after i shut it down, i let the system stay off for about 5min. when i started it back up, everything seems fine.

i saw the alienware splash screen, screen goes black, and then windows XP splash screen pops up and the three little blue bars run across the screen about 2 times. the 3rd time it comes around the "blue screen of death" flashes for less than a second and my system restarts and the whole process begins again.

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(continued from above)

so what i've described above happens about 3 times, on the 4th time it reboots, i dont get either splash screens, the monitor goes black and stays black. i figured my OS jus got fxcked, so i try using an XP disc to fix the OS. it does not want to fix it, so i figured i'll jus format the motherfxcker, i got to where i can choose what partition to install windows and it give me an error saying "windows cannot install in this drive" etc etc.

after trying to format with the windows XP disc 5 or 6 times and getting the same error. i went to my last resort, using the alienware system reboot disc, and tried to restore ALL TO FACTORY settings. now this disc is fully automatic, i just stick it in and reboot and the whole thing runs on it own. what happens? after about 1o mins it gets to a screen saying "cannot install windows"

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(continued from 2nd enrty)

after trying to run the damn system restore disc a million times, i thought i'd be smart about it and run DOS off of the XP cd and try and format my C:/ from dos running off of the XP cd. that didnt work either.

has anyone experienced this problem? did my harddrive jus crap out on me after 2.x years? any solution on getting data off the drive before i chuck it and replace it with a new one?

i've tried everything to the best of my knowledge, and i'm all out of ideas except to buy a new 2.5inch hard drive. those daym thingz donn come too cheap, even at newegg a decent one runs a little over $100

Animal wrote:
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phinguyen wrote:
read next reply for part two

Please don't make a second message as "part two." Instead, just edit your original message. It keeps things much neater and easier to follow that way.

To address some of your issues, though, here are a couple of suggestions:
First, unless you REALLY want or need the memory dumps (and most of us would not), disable them:
  1. Click "Start"
  2. Right-click "My computer"
  3. Click "Properties"
  4. Click "Advanced"
  5. Under "Startup and Recovery" click "Settings"
  6. Under "Write debugging information" select "(none)"
  7. Click "OK"
  8. Click "OK"
While you are doing that, if you don't want Window to restart automatically when such errors occur (so that you can have a chance to write down the stop-message information), just before step 7, also uncheck "Automatically restart."

After that, the next time this happens, write down the stop message and the information next to it (pretty much just the one line, but there may also be a filename that could be handy - no need to write down the ENTIRE screen, though). Then, after you've rebooted, and are back on the web, go to this site (bookmark it now for easier reference later) to see some common stop messages and, perhaps, how you may be able to fix them (or at least find out a little more about what's wrong).

Good luck!

Edit: Well, I see you posted the other material while I was writing my reply (and tied up on the phone), so you may not be able to perform the steps I mentioned. Unfortunately, since I've only gone through the XP installation disk ONCE before (everything I've done has been Linux), I cannot answer the rest of your questions, but I'm sure someone else will say something soon.

Good luck!
Use a utility capable of writing 1's or 0's to the entire drive (not formatting or deleting partitions, actual re-writing of data), then start over, starting with fdisk.
Are you using SATA drives? If so, you may need to load the SATA drivers while booting from the XP cd to be able to reinstall.
Long time I don't hear about BSOD. Wow.
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