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Being blonde - embarrassing situations

Oh the shame of it. Have you ever had an embarrassing situation or done something totally stupid?

Well one day I was in the supermarket checkout queue and decided to have a rummage throught a sale basket to pass the time. I was having a good old nosy, picking stuff up, reading labels and putting them down when I realised the woman in front was giving me dirty looks. I then realised it was her basket, she had an extra one as the first one was full. I apologised but then to add insult to injury I said, "Oh, I'm sorry I thought it was the bargain basket". Oooops. Laughing
Nice one Deenah.
By the way, did find anything any good?
I have this skill. It's called 'Clutz'. I could easily be standing still for a few minutes, and somehow out of the blue will find a way to trip all over myself and bust my ass...

I think the funniest time was a few months ago while out with my best friend. We had gone to get lunch, and you know how in most fast-food places they have those big metal signs with posters i them of their newest item? Well they also are metal on the dang bottom, and usually in a big circle...

Somehow, I walked into it. I stepped on the metal with one foot, and off I went flying across the place. And I mean, both hands clung to the pole out-stretched in front of me, wide-eyed in shock. And somehow...I did not fall when the Ad and I came to a stop. I was standing there holding it for like 3 minutes just hyper-ventalating...Ary was like: "Yeah...I don't know her..." while trying not to spill soda out her nose laughing.
Zug Zug
Meh......I was at a choir convention for my school. I am usually VERY clumsy and clutz like. Well I was walking down some stairs, I tripped over nothing, then grabbed the railing, the railing came loose, I stepped on my dress, ripped the dress btw, and THEN I fell down on my ars about six steps...RIGHT into my crush. Needless to say my face looked like: Embarassed lol people were laughing too. *blush*
Me too at the supermarket, Im texting while walking in the supermarket and i didn't see the product stand so i had bump that stand the the stuff was mess up... That was very embarassing to me..... Embarassed
Star Wars Fanatic
Wow, if I was blonde I wouldn't add anything to this thread, it just enforces the myth of dumb blondes.
*sigh*....where is that closed botton?
I've got two left feet as well as the invisible size of an elefant so I always manage to do something to myself or others.

I'm in China at the moment and there wont be a lunch that passes where my pants or shirt don't have new spots. You can read my entire days menu on my shirt by the end of the day... I also manage to knock everything over and hit everyone around me too which is absolutely brilliant for my image...

As one does in China, I'm living in a giant appartment complex where each building has 30 floors and all of them look exactly alike. Hunger over me had to drive my bike into the basement and then take the elevator from downstairs up into the building. I hit floor 25 and am already dreaming about my bed that I was just going to colaps into as soon as I walk through the door. When I exit on my floor I turn to walk towards my entrance and find that it's not there. There is, instead a wall that didn't used to be there but actually looks very new to a drunk mind. So I bang on it a little to see if it's fake and am wondering what kind of a sick joke this actually is. I then walk to the window to compare views to check that I'm in the right building and determine that "yep, the view is the same" and go back to finding my door that has mysteriously disapeared. When I 10 minutes later come to the conclusion that I am not in the right place, I head down and find that the cellar connects TWO buildings with TWO different elevators and I had actually walked into the wrong one, but my room is so far to the right that it basically sees the same thing as the lift lobby window does...

I like to knock cups over. Repeatedly. And always at the worst time - like right before I'm about go out, resulting in need to change my pants! Luckily, while they've always come very NEAR the computer, haven't actually spilled one ON it. Knock on wood.
Star Wars Fanatic wrote:
Wow, if I was blonde I wouldn't add anything to this thread, it just enforces the myth of dumb blondes.

I agree But anyway since I'm not a blond. i no a few blonds and their are to ways they seem to go there are the dumb blonds. but i know a few really smart blonds. but i don't know anyone in between strange. but the majority are "dumb" and whenever they do something stupid i start teasing them for being a blond i know I'm really mean but the seem to start doing more stupid things. It's funey
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