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how often do you format your hard drive?

A friend told me that everyone should format our drive once a year... I did more than once a year cos I got viruses on I downloaded animated wallpaper there and my browser got hijacked
Do NOT download anything from that site everyone!!!!!

[EDIT: mathiaus - removed link]
I used to format my old PC at least twice a year...with this one I haven't done it yet. Probably because I've got so much shite to back up that I can't be arsed doing it. Razz
I probably format the PC twice a year. It all depends on the performance. Sometimes I install certain software which degrades the overall performance. Certain applications might overlap important existing files, certain dll's might disappear, and so forth.
Some applications no longer behave the way they did. So it's time for a format...
(3 days after)
A new clean PC is born.
Studio Madcrow
There's no reason to format your drive that much. While I reformat (and re-jigger the partitions) of my Linux install every 6 months or so (whenever a new version of SuSE comes out). my Win2K install is the same filesystem as it's been since I got my machine.
I mostly format my harddrive twice a year because I'm getting short on place and I have to much shit on it. On Linux, I've never formated it, because its my webserver. Although, I don't find formatting Linux usefull for my use.
About once a year. Last year I formatted it twice because I had about 30 viruses in my computer. (I couldn't figure out where they came from). I'm scheduled to format my hard drive again sometime this December, but I might do it sometime earlier. There is no need to format very frequently, but it does help performance, sometimes.
{name here}
I reformat whenever I get bored and want a change in OS.
I format when my pc gets so slow that it irritates me.
Usually twice a year
I am formatting my hard drive when ever my OS is updated again and again and due to which my system slow down and it make me bore. Win XP Service packs play an important role in crashing and making a computer slow well.
I format my harddrive when virus is infected and can not repair, hard drive record is marked error such as incorrectly reported bad sector.
I reformat at the end of every school semester, during the holidays, when I haf about one or two months to slack around at home.
FaLLeN wrote:
I format when my pc gets so slow that it irritates me.
Usually twice a year

Exactly, just the same Very Happy
{name here} wrote:
I reformat whenever I get bored and want a change in OS.

same here
i format atleast once in 2months or like wen i m getting bored
I am formating my HDD minimum once in 6 months. or while my OS gets slow.
I format my HDD atleast twice a week. The frequency has gone upto 5-10 times a week in past a few months.
You do not have to format your drive if you folow a few rules:

1 : if you install new software make shure that you have system restore active to go back if you need it.
2 : if you non secure sites to internet use vmware todo dat
3 make one image with one imaging software as ghost and you can restore any time your basic instalation.

I use this methode for a few year and it works very goed.
I format on average of a few times a month.

A. I am a horrible person.
B. I love to try new Distros of Linux Flavors
C. I tend to screw something up that often
D. I can
E. I want to.
F. Chickens are Tasty
when i was a windows user the damn viruses made me format upto 6 times an year now i use linux and now i format only once that too before i try the new version of distro i'm using [:d]
I just had to format my hard drive a few weeks ago. Got some virus that hijacked my browser and was pulling up some less than savory sites. But reformatting was not much of a problem cuz I partitioned my 160 gig hard drive 40-120. The 40 gigs has my OS and all the programs I run and the rest is for data storage. Easily the best way to back stuff up without a lot of work. I also do the restore point thing for my windows settings, but 3 hours and a couple of cups of chai(I dislike coffee like none other...) later and I'm up and running either way.
{name here} wrote:
I reformat whenever I get bored and want a change in OS.

Same for me; in numbers, maybe each two months
format my pc every 2 mounts. some times i format twice a day Laughing
gursimran2006 wrote:
A friend told me that everyone should format our drive once a year... I did more than once a year cos I got viruses on I downloaded animated wallpaper there and my browser got hijacked
Do NOT download anything from that site everyone!!!!!

heh, that's kindof funny. but you didn't have to reformat because of that!
its been one and a half year i havent formated my HDD... Smile .. thnx to Kaspersky Smile
i'm gonna do what that guy up there did, and put two partitions, except ima make one 30GB and the other 130GB Smile
I have never formatted my hard drive. I run WindowsXP and i have never needed to. What is the point in formatting so often? (unless something is wrong with the partitions). Twice a year seems absolutely ridiculous.
I never do. but I'm have 4 macs and a couple linux pcs. A few years ago before I completely transitioned away from windows, I used to have to do a fresh install at least once a year. most of the time it wasn't completely necessary, but it did help rather than trying to clean house of all spyware and viruses and stuff like that. it was a real pain. Getting away from xp was the best thing I've ever done.
I do it at least twice a year too, when Operating system start giving troubles or system getting slow but mostly i only format the C drive.
It's been a year since I formatted my PC. I don't want to format it anymore though, it erases all my files.
@lukerpro back them all up mate!
sarapicoazul wrote:
I have never formatted my hard drive. I run WindowsXP and i have never needed to. What is the point in formatting so often? (unless something is wrong with the partitions). Twice a year seems absolutely ridiculous.

I think some guys here mix up formating drive and erasing data... Confused
Its interesting about the attitude that formatting is a necessary thing to do. I haven't formatted Windows since I decided to have it take over a drive that was shared before. That's the only reason. I think it was last April. I didn't really have to though. Our other computer hasn't been formatted in about 4 years and it purrs away (with Windows XP on it). I format the other drive in my computer whenever I wanna try the latest Linux distribution, but I don't have to.
I format when I feel the windows registry is starting to pile up heaps of rubbish. Then again I always keep partitions on the drive and seperate windows from my personal files.

So it's zero lost if I wanna format.
I format my OS partition (5GB) when changing system.
Rest of the disk is intact.
By the way if windows registry is messed up I’ll try to repair it not reinstall whole system.

My system partition was not formatted since Jun 2005.
well, the easiest way to erase the data of your os is to reformat the whole harddrive with the windows disc, that is why some do it, I don't know how to mess with my registry and fix it, so I do occasionaly reformat my drive just to get things back in working order and neat and clean.
I only format when I need to. If it ain't broke, leave it. I have seen PC's that have been kept well, have the same OS install for 3 years and are still going strong
i never format my entire hard disk. whenever i found problem because of the startup or virus then only i format the troubled partition. last format i made maybe six months ago (mine is dual boot) when my win2k failing to boot up due to the "inaccessible boot sector" i had to format then. (2 days ago again i had "inaccessible boot sector" message and system halt-up but somehow win fixed it ownself.
ps. how do you format? from DOS-startup disc?
once every two years

i just maitain it.
I formay my HDD just in this case to re-install Windows Smile And i format just C: drive, because i can't loose all my data... What a horror it would be Wink
too often. that is for sure.
i only format my hard driver when i prepare to install a new Os
I think it's actually been almost 2 years since I formatted this system. I'm thinking about getting a secondary drive then formatting and partitioning up the primary. It'd be cool to have a dual boot again (and not just XP).

I still kinda want to do a quad-boot xD.
Well, yes it is true that better format once a year.

But i format 2+ a year because of stupid virusses, spyware, adware, malware, trojan and don't know what ware else.

I just format when unable surf net, very lazy reset and install back software. Thank to our ****** virusses creator.
I usually format at least once a year if not more since I tend to play with things you shouldn't play with and thus mess things up quite frequently. Usually it is only a soft re-install of the windows files though and I have NEVER re-formatted my extra drives. I have 3 hard drives and 1 of them is for windows and other operating systems and all the others are for games, movies, music and programs. I make sure to make a registry back-up before I intentionally re-install windows and then just restore the registry so windows knows where everything is again and use regscrubXP to clean the registry keys that are no longer valid out of the registry for such things like windows updates that I have yet to get or files that were hosted on the formatted hard drive.
NEVER!!! I use Macs now and they don't get viruses, spyware, trojans, or anything, so it will always run smoothly. Why format???
gursimran2006 wrote:
A friend told me that everyone should format our drive once a year... I did more than once a year cos I got viruses on I downloaded animated wallpaper there and my browser got hijacked
Do NOT download anything from that site everyone!!!!!

i format my disk in every three month or later, i did it when i got my Windows have errror or to slow.
Usually at least once a year. By this time your computer usually starts to get laggy and stuff and it really speeds it up.
I used to do it about twice a year. But I always back up my files and I haven't gotten around to doing that in a while.

Mad Time issues.
I reformat it only when i mess up the file system in it. otherwise at long as it runs its fine with me. Luckily didnt have 2 reformat it for quite a while abt 1 1/2 yrs or so Smile
I've had to reformat twice now. Once because I was stupid then and didn't know how to fix a boot problem. Then about a year later, because it was just so bogged down with junk that I couldn't stand it anymore. I don't like having to reformat, because it's just such a time consuming process. Mad
I never formatted my hard drive, i'm using it now for 10months, it isn't neccessairy.
I use Ubuntu and XP, I noticed Xp could use a format but I never got to it.
haha I fix my friends computers here, So anytime I find a new thing to do or new program to use, I try it on my pc first, So if anything happens I fix it myself. So thus I reformat atleast once or twice every month or so.
I usually reformat computer in one year. After computer gets slower and and have lots of spywares and viruses which make computer slow.
Under Windows, I use to format my HD every couple of months. I now run Ubuntu Linux and have not reformatted since the install. I also read somewhere that because of the file system used by Linux, the drive does not get fragmented either. Smile
I always thought I'd be formatting my hdd once a year or so, but I've had this computer for over two years without formatting it again. I'm not sure if that's a testament to how well I keep my hdd clean or if I'm just well overdue. Everything is running smoothly, though.
I'll only reformat if the system gets really SLOW (be it Linux, or Windows), or the system is really screwed up. If the operating system is in a good condition, I don't see why I should reformat. I have only reformatted twice, once my Linux partition, and once my Windows partition.
I never do it...
I notice that a lot of people format their drives to get rid of spyware and viruses. How about a better solution: install a spyware cleaner and a virus killer? I've been running Spybot Search and Destroy and Avast Antivirus on our Windows computer forever and we are clean. These tools are free. Why doesn't every one do the same? Do you really think that losing everything is a better deal than not getting bitten in the first place?

I think not.
I don't like AV as it unecessarily uses up resources that I could otherwise use in apps and games. I don't really need it either as just intelligent use can keep most viruses and malware at bay. If one happens to infest my computer, most of the time I can get rid of it manually. If not, it's a good excuse to start clean. Usually something messing up with Windows motivates me to reformat more than viruses or other malware. I think I tinker too much.
i format it maybe twice a year..but than again..too much formatting will crash ur hdd
I don't format my hard drive unless I am forced to do it. I had to format my g/f's hdd like 20 times during the last year, but I did't have to format my hdd once that year. The reason? I don't know really. We both use the same version of WinXp, but probbably her hard disk is some no-name brand.
Thanks for keeping us away from that site .

Hope nice things follow you from now on .

And regarding , the format thing ?

When you dont maintain your system , well , there may be cases where you may require to format the hard disk .

And this is the fact .
So , when i was noob with my system , frequent format of my hard disk used to occur and i used to lose my data on partitioning and formating .

But nowadays , i use plenty of tools for the job .

Here is my tool list .

Initially , I use Zonealarm Security suite for my internet connection .
then , comes , Firefox browser , to keep me away from the IE 's bugs . But nowadays , even FF suffers from such matters . Then , comes a whole lot of tools namely , CCleaner , Executive Software Diskeeper , and my registry cleaner .

These are the set of tools , i used to keep my system , running .

Though , even after these , a lot of dust comes and settles on the system , which is unavoidable .

Installing and running a minimal amount of software , does the trick of preserving a long life .

Also , the most important things should be kept in the other drives , rather than installing where XP or the OS is present .

Also , one other trick i use to back up my important data , is i use a small partition , holding LINUX inside it .

So , when unknowingly my system goes down , i backup the data in windows folder , using the LINUX system .
I tend to format my system drive (Drive C) probably at least once a year (since temporary files and other garbage build up over time, especially when installing and uninstalling programs) so that I have a clean system. I then scan the drive to ensure it's still working properly and restore Windows and my apps from a ghosted backup (I use Symantec Ghost and backup my system onto DVD-Rs).
its about time for my c partition to be reformatted. its been about 8 months and its just slowly starting to slow down. as soon as i find my anti virus key, just dump anything onto the d partition that i havent already and it'll be like having a new pc again.
first, isn't this already a topic like How often do you reinstall windows?

second, Why would you give us the website if it's full of viruses.

third, hasn't anybody told you not to click on ads that give you free screen savers.
well had 2 do that after all after abt 1 yr
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