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Justin Takes FutureSex on the Road

Secure in his masculinity, Justin Timberlake is adding a touch of Pink to his look.

The FutureSex/LoveSounds purveyor is launching a North American arena tour in support of his latest chart-topping effort, announcing Tuesday that his FutureSex/LoveShow world tour will kick off Jan. 8 in San Diego.

And although Timberlake obviously has things all figured out, he's taking a M!ssundaztood woman along for the ride. Pink will join the former boy bander on the 34-date North American leg of his tour, which wraps up Mar. 29 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

"I've been rehearsing the band, getting the show ready and tight," Timberlake said in a video statement. "What do we got? Ten dancers, 14 band members, a million tricks up my sleeve, a crazy light show--and I might even show up. So that's pretty exciting. No, seriously, come out. I'll see you guys there."

Quite the humanitarian, that guy. For instance, you wouldn't think that Gisele Bundchen needs help putting the "SexyBack" into Victoria's Secret's annual fashion show. But Timberlake's going to help her out just the same.

Cameron Diaz's beau is set to headline the famed lingerie fest Dec. 5 at Los Angeles' Kodak Theater, giving him an extra-hot place to warm up his pipes before taking them across the country.

CBS is once again the network of choice for the model-laden event, two years after Victoria's Secret scrapped the telecast for fear the FCC wouldn't be able to sit idly by and enjoy the view, but instead crowd the runway with indecency fines.

And speaking of lacy underthingsˇ­

Christina Aguilera, who coheadlined the Justified & Stripped tour with Timberlake in 2003, announced plans for her own road show last week. The singer's Back to Basics tour, named after her jazzy-bluesy album of the same name, hits Europe in November and then returns to the States Feb. 20 in Houston for a 41-date run.

The Pussycat Dolls are set to open for Aguilera once she returns to North America and Danity Kane will also be on hand for some U.S. shows.

While Aguilera's latest itinerary will be taking her to arenas and other similarly massive venues, plans for a tour of jazz and blues clubs to take advantage of Back to Basics' nod to the 1920s, '30s and '40s are still in the works.

"We're definitely going to mix it up, change it up, do some things that are not on the record, do some favorite classics of mine," Aguilera told in August. "We're really going to have fun and experiment with new ideas and interesting places to go to that have a throwback appeal and vibe."
Loving his new song - My Love well good. Laughing
This album would've been a lot better without Justin Timberlake singing on it.
His new album is absolute crap, basically the only two songs that are good are SexyBack and My Love, he's not worth going to see.
thank a lot, people been here used to listen Justin's new album at lest.That would be much better that you never heard 'bout it.One will never know the crab is delicacy before he tast it.
I like FutureSex a lot better than his old one. Probably because it's like buzzy dance music. Surprised
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