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Need a little bit of advice...

Ok. So. I'm really great friends with my ex-girlfriend. This weekend I hung out at her house and ended up sleeping over (in a non-sexual way). But we had amazing conversations and were basically flirting with eachother the whole time.

And I'm really, really falling for her again. I just don't know if she is. So, how should I ask her and where (besides my or her house) should we go?

Thank you. <3
Subsonic Sound
Your ex-girlfriend? It may seem a little off topic, but if you don't mind me asking, how did you guys break up in the first place? If she broke up with you, be careful about asking her out again, unless you know she wants it to, or you'll probably just get hurt.
We broke up about two years ago because we never really saw each other and we were too busy. It was a completely mutual decision, too. But I think now we can get to see each other more often.
If there was a dance coming up? Or a social event that you were going to you should ask her to go with you, and then if she says yes, and you both continue to flirt all night, then at the end of the night you should ask her. That would be sweet!
If the break-up was clean, and on both ends the best thing to be done at that time - there should be no hard feelings to have fear of in the present or future.

I suggest taking her somewhere simple, to talk about the situation currently and your feelings, as well as requesting her to tell you her views. Maybe a park with some lunch or something nice like that.

I just recently broke up with a boyfriend over the same reason you two broke up years ago. I know that can hurt, when you do really like each other. And I do know it probably means it;s worth another shot when things seem more open to it.
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