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Opinions on biz card

I need an opinion on this design for a biz card:

Any suggestions?

Oh, the @ is there because the biz is called @ Home Computers
Not a big fan. Its way to "busy" and would distract from the purpose of a business card.
It might make a good logo (though it's hard to visualize as a business card, without actually having it in front of me). In regard to the design, it looks nice, but you need to do some anti-aliasing work on the @ symbol.

Whenever I think of business cards it reminds me of this locksmith company ( i think thats what they did) where their business card was a set of metal lock picks, that you could pry apart and use.
It is pretty busy, but for a company pushing a graphic product, I think it might be ok. My bigger issue would be what color the text would be to make it readable. No matter how someone feels about thte graphics, they are not going to want to strain to read the info.
I agree with the antialiasing... I was actually thinking that myself.

And the text would be Tahoma, colored white. Incredibly easy to read.

Thanks for your suggestions, guys. I'll get on this ASAP
If the bagground was a little less black and the text in the field was all white with a standard font, like times new roman or something..

The Logo is great, but the rest is a little too black..
the @ logo is crap quality it looks like a small low res image enlarged...

remember, if people see a poorly looking logo/design then they'll either throw it away or ring you to tell you to shoot the designer/printer!

also i think theres too much grey...

just my opinions, i know there not praises but there honest!

its surprisingly difficult to design and get the content correct on biz cards

not enough info or too much etc its hard!

gd luck lol!
yeah, what i was thinking too about the @ sign.

when you emboss it try to smoothen it a little to brush off those uneven edges.
Really I always liked the ones that are just white with a logo, Name and details on a card board card
^^ agree, some times people appriciate straight forward information rather then arty farty cards that really amount to nothing!
Myself, i also prefer a clean white look with some classy font text
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