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Neil Young- Living with war

Pyro Man
Who here likes or has heard this album? Ive been listening to it for about 6 months now, and it really does make me think. Its Neil Youngs latest politcial album its pretty good. It really shows what a selfish, greedy, ignorant ba***rd George Bush is.

I can post lyrics if people want? They really do make you think.
good day,
hello fellow frihoster,

I really like neil when i was still a child,
but now, it's just a little....

Thank you.
GOD bless.

-------------------------------------------------Man + GOD = MAJORITY------------------------------------------
Pyro Man
His new stuff isnt as good as the old stuff I know, but its a hard hitting album. The U.S. President is a prick, and Neil is getting that out to everybody who chooses to beleive it.
He has never been afraid to express his political beliefs, which makes him so popular and so unpopular. Throughout the years he has definitely moved farther and father left on the political spectrum and now I have a harder time listening to him. Don't get me wrong, the man has his right to express his beliefs, but I also have my own opinions and don't need to necessarily accept his. Some of my favorite Neil Young soungs, which are also some of his most controversial, are: Ohio (Kent State University shooting by national guard), Southern Man (slavery days of the south), and Cortez the Killer.

Regardless of one's political affiliation, you have to agree that the man is gifted at songwriting. His live show with Crosy, Still, and Nash still remains one of my favorite shows ever.
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