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How's my logo?

I have created my official logo for my upcoming site foruming.
I would like your feedback about my logo please
ixtra wrote:
I have created my official logo for my upcoming site foruming.
I would like your feedback about my logo please

I think that its starting to look decent, but I would have to say, make it cleaner. What are you using to make it?

I am a begginer in photoshop cs2.
So what exactly do you want me to do?
Just make it more volumetrical. Or blur it.
When I'm looking at it, it feels like mess. Not so sharply.
it DOES look too sharp, in my opinion. You also cut the edges really badly, no offence...

use pre-made cutting tools... use seleting and cut

the words are also too sharp...

hope you get it good soon, otehr than that, it's fine.
Hows this my second attempt
btw How do you use premade cutting tools?
Much better, although both the I and the G on Foruming are hard to read/decipher.

You might want to make it a little tighter, there's a lot of empty space that sort of leaves the logo floating.
{name here}
Crop it a bit. It need not be that size. Also make the text a bit easier to decipher as Donutey said. It loos more like Forumina or Forum7na or something like that rather than Foruming.
wow, that second attempt looks a ton better than the first(sorry about not posting an answer to your question, I was gone for a few days.) Anyways, like name here says, I would cop it a bit, at the moment its way to much blank space. Its coming along very nicely and just maybe a different font.

It's looking great so far. I like the second one more. What was the litle thing inside the 'o' of the first logo?
I actualy like the 'sharp' feel this logo has. The reflection could be a bit less bright though, to make the letters easier to read.
Illustrator would be better for this sort of thing, because it lets you change letters into paths and play around with them that way.

You're definatly on the right track.
In my first attempt I placed a new post icon on "o"
In the second attempt I did not feel like doing it so I left it.
I like the second one better, but it still doesn't look as distinctive as one might like. It looks like a lot of other Web2.0 type logos. The typeface is a bit more distinctive, but I'm wondering if you could alter it in someway to make it distinctively yours. For instance, have you thought about maybe flowing all the lettering together or as much as possible, so it is like one line? I wish I could show you an example, but I don't have one. Basically, I just want to see what you can do to make this yours.
what do you use to make it? gimp is quite useful for logos imo. a vector-editing app might be useful as well.
I liked the font on the first one you just needed to anti-alias it. The background looks alot better on the second one. You are doing a great job.
its pretty nice, except it looks a little pixelized. Try making it bigger and softening it. That should work. Wink Smile
The second looks much better, but only in the way that it is more easy for the eyes.

There's nothing wrong with the first one. Personally the idea of the first one is much better in my opionon. You just had to smooth it out a bit.

Good job on the second one.

When I said pre-made cutting tools I meant to use something like the eliptical selection and then just cutting. Using things like lasoo or free hand cutting, makes everything very jagged.

I also meant to point out that the font was quite sharp.

The second one is quite good, but I would play around with the first one as well, just to see how it turns out.

Good luck~ Good Job ^^
the first one is nicer than the second one but the edges on the first one are terrible. do the first one but with the edges of the second one
You do need to make the whole thing more cropped so theres not so much space, but make sure you do it so the background thing is not cut off weird.

Also, it looks like an overuse of the same technique (the reflection).
I agree that the reflection is just too much - it confuses the eye. Personally, I think the whole thing is just a little hard to read - sharp and striking, but hard to read. I would suggest toning down the "ing" a little. Either make them subtely smaller, or less white, or less sharp or something... just to draw the eye wher eyou want it to go.
Don't know if it helps, but that's my two cents.
i think it's pretty good...
Ghost Rider103
ixtra wrote:
Hows this my second attempt
btw How do you use premade cutting tools?

There you go this is much better.

But might I recommend not cutting things to get those kind of edges, use the shape tool. It will be exactly the same on each side, and I forget where, but there is somwhere to customize the shapes and when they curve, how they curve etc.

There is a shape tool that makes a shape exactly what you are trying to do.

Just put the shape around your logo, then go to Select>Inverse. Then press the delete button to get rid of everything on the opposite side of the logo.

You might want to start over if you want to do this so you can start fresh, just do how I said it, then keep the outline around the shape, and just work in there.

Good luck!
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