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Long Distance Relationship

well, does it work or not? Is it worth a try? How do you stay positive when your involve with someone far away from you........

care to share an experience perhaps?....well only if u got one...

*sigh*....just wanna know...
Well my first suggestion is to close this topic and check this one out:

It's basically the same topic, and you'll probably find the answers you need in that one. Smile
seems like we are interested in the same topics you and me "Vandalyzed" Very Happy
I just wanted to tell the same, since we had that topic at least a thousand times... even from people who are happy in a long distance relationship... as far as I'm concerned, it can work... under many conditions ...
i hate long distance! It never works, and almost always ends quite quickly. Good luck though!
It wil devastate you!
Subsonic Sound
It's hard. I'll be honest and say that most relationships don't have what it takes to make it work. It takes dedication, commitment, and most importantly there has to be a lot more to the relationship than sex.

But it's not impossible.
I had a long distance relationship (not too long distance, but far enough we couldnt see each other for weeks) and it just panned out that we kinda fell apart after a while. I guess a long distance relationship could be what determines if you guys are set to stay together. I say that you guys should give it a go, but know the risks involved. Then if it happens that you do break up, by then you may want it, found someone else, or realise its going to happen and not feel as bad as you would breaking up now. Either that, or you guys will last and be able to carry on your relationship together sometime in the near future!
I dont think it does work. I was 'seeing'a girl 400 miles away and we phoned and texted every day and saw each other every fortnight. But i cud sense things werent the same, you dont share the everyday lifetogether in a physical sense and its the touching, the smiles, the hugs that keep things going.
Yeah, i had once too. But it didn't work out. We chatted and msn everyday, even waking up to HER time zone, and in the end, one fine day, there wasn't much to talk about. And ah, heck it man. I guess human need personal touch and there wasn't to fill that need.
Actually I already tried long distance relationship. it work for a couple of month and it didn't last for a year. but as you know. while in a relationship, I can't stop my self courting somebody else, so i had long distance relationship and at the same time I had a girl in our town just nearby and she didn't know that I have a girlfriend from far away. and later on I need to break up with my girl coz I can't stand talking to her on the phone and email her and my feelings for her starts to fall down. As you know! we men are weak if somebody tries to tease us. Coz we are born to do a free service for the girls and we make them very happy. thats why we always wanted to share our expertise in bed.
well i don't really think long-distance relationships work cause the distance between you and your love one kills the love between you, for example if been with a girl for almoust a year but after that when i meet her again i noticed that the distance between us has brought us so far apart that, it was really hard to recover the time lost.....
Subsonic Sound
It is an extremely difficult thing, which requires dedication, excellent communication, and love. And I mean love - real love. A crush, or physical infatuation will NOT last over distances. Most relationships will not be able to last long distance - only the really special ones.

Communicate frequently in the most natural ways available. Webcam, and voicechats are best. But don't neglect instant messages, emails and good old fashioned hand-written letters. Especially the letters, as they're so much more personal.

It also helps if you have common interests you can pursue online. Whether it's gaming, text-based roleplaying, whatever.
It works for some and not for others. I have seen long distance relationships fall apart and others grow stronger than most uh... short distance relationships. One of my good friends is actually engaged to a man she met online! The down part of a long distance relationship is that it takes a LOT of work to maintain. Emails and typed letters in a chatroom may not be enough. There needs to be some sort of physical link (through means of snail mail, telephone, visitations) in order to keep everything real. I suspect that if you're only chatting online, the connection may not blur into the "offline" world and you'll just find yourself looking for someone else to fill that void. Even if you are willing to put that much effort into the relationship, it must be mutual.
supjapscrapper wrote:
seems like we are interested in the same topics you and me "Vandalyzed" Very Happy
I just wanted to tell the same, since we had that topic at least a thousand times... even from people who are happy in a long distance relationship... as far as I'm concerned, it can work... under many conditions ...

Yeah you figure with how many posts get closed as spam or someone gets slammed for posting a thread that's mirror of another thread, why there are 100 different threads on this one topic of long distance relationships.

Yet this one is still open........ *shrugs*

Hey, give me a job, lemme moderate for a while. Razz
Long distance relationships can work out between two people but it depends on how far you go both physically and mentally to make it work out. But in all reality, that can be with even short distance relationships as well. So it all shows on how far you and that person are willing to work it all out.
I don't think it works, I've seen too many situations where people were full of hope but it didn't work out in the end after all.
I guess people really need the other one close by to make it work.
long distance relationships take work; It takes 2 people to want a relationship one person can't do everything; It's a give and take; When in a relationship they are fun and exciting and there is nothing like it!
Long distance relationships are painful. But they do work. It requires a lot commitment and trust. Both need to express their feelings regularly so the relationship doesn't die off.
If both people are truly in love the long distance won't matter. Much. It can be hard but the time you spend together is much more enjoyable then before. You don't take a minute for granted and you both want to make as much as possible out of it. I am in a long distance relationship for 5 months now (the relationship being 17 months long alltogether) and we are extatic when we see eachother for a few days, not like during the summer when we could see/talk to eachother every day. It's harder now but it makes it more fullfilling.
If there is 100% trust between both parties involved in a long distance relationship then it has a better chance of lasting. If one party is at all jelous when the other goes out with friends that they don't know then it will not work at all. Suspisions form with no proof of anything to back them up, and most of the time are falst suspisions sadly, which causes rifts in the relationship. Also if the two people are not close enough to share all of their real feelings ect the relationship will also falter.
not easy.. im telling you.. its not easy.. ur partner wont pop in infront of u if u happen to him/her..

will makes u become crazy and insanity..

Long distance can be very difficult if you don't know how to handle the amount of feelings of miss that you will exert when you don't see each other. You will be missing each other a lot and in fact, will try to talk to each other as much as possible. But the main thing is, if you want to keep the relationship, both of you must know each other well enough to ensure that the both of you can overcome any problem that may occur from the distance. Smile
Personally, they never work. But that was way back in the days of letter writing and long distance phone calls.

Not so sure about the present, what with internet.

I know a couple of people who maintained long distance relationships throughs the net and they are doing well.

But honestly, if their situations don't change and they are still separated by distance, it will never work in the long term.
like other people have said here, they are not easy no, it all depends on how much work you want to actually put into it, and the distance itself, and how developed your relationship is to handle the stresses of a long distance relationship
I have a few friends that maintained a very good long distance relationship for a few years. If you want it to be successful you need to have a plan to eventually get together. My friends aren't doing so well now because they really never had a plan to get together cause they both loved where they lived.

My advice would be to not get into a long distance relationship, but if you do then you should make it a close distance relationship as soon as possible otherwise it probably wont last.

i honestly do not believe long-distance relationships are for everyone. some married couples do, because they are blessed by God and they have a strong foundation, but many others fail because one of the partners do not have what it takes to hold on. i plainly think it's too difficult because no matter how dedicated you are to a person, and you can spout off all the promises you want, but while you were definitely sincere at spewing them, it's another story when you're in another country (or location, or so far away). proximity is a big factor because that allows the couple to spend time together and that strengthens the relationship. when you're apart, you don't really connect anymore. that's because geographical distance entails one to create a whole new life for him/herself on that new place, and the tendency is to forget how it felt to be back home because you're too busy coping with the new situation.

it's hard. that's why i never go for it. i trust my partner, but i don't trust the circumstances. Very Happy i would rather just break up and find someone else. *shrugs*
it all comes down to if u can honestly 100% trust the other person. if u 2 have had sex and find urselves constantly thinking about eachother, and talk to eachother everyday, give it a shot, do u guys see eachother often, like one the weekends? if not that is somthing u should look into if u want thigns to half way be reasonable. get at me, i have a post "teenagers in need" post on there and if u don't feel comfortable talking right away, we can post back and forth and attempt to gain eachothers trust. hope i can help
honestman wrote:
I dont think it does work. I was 'seeing'a girl 400 miles away and we phoned and texted every day and saw each other every fortnight. But i cud sense things werent the same, you dont share the everyday lifetogether in a physical sense and its the touching, the smiles, the hugs that keep things going.

This guy said it all in a nutshell.

There is something to a human-to-human touch that brings out a passion in you, whether benign or overt. Simply not having that touch or being able to be near them would be a travesty in-and-of itself. I would personally HATE to go for so long without being able to be physically close to her.

But hey, the alternative is if you can see her for a week every three-six months then it may be worth it. It all depends on you.
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