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Nintendo is planning to atone for its slow and sorta boring summer release schedule by shipping three major and highly intecipated titles in one month. While everyone is preparing for All Hallow’s Eve, expect Ninnetndo to grace stores with three top-notch games every two weeks throughout the month of October. Pokemon and Fire Emblem are finally getting their console RPG debut in the US on the 3rd and 17th of October, respectively, so Gamecube lovers better set aside quite a bit of time for the RPG’s you have greatly longed for.

So you beat Pokemon and Fire Emblem, then what are you going to do? Get off the couch and dance your heart out, of course! One week later, on October 24th, Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix will be dancing into sotres, nearly finalizing DDR’s legandary saga in the world market.

Nintendo fans party, and start saving your pokcet change now
almost every Pokemon game for a console sucked and Fire Emblem doesn't look too appealing to me.And DDR mario mix is just another DDR!
NOW what i'm really looking foward to is Zelda,but i'll need a new controller before i can play it mine r broke :'(.
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