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Any new strategy game?

Is there any new strategy game launched?
I think StarCraft is a little out-of-date though it is very great.
I want to try new strategy games,Any new one????????????????
Warhammer 40k dark crusade is good, i just got it on tuesday, the new campaign mode and stuff is really good.

Give it a go Very Happy
nhuabo wrote:
Is there any new strategy game launched?
I think StarCraft is a little out-of-date though it is very great.
I want to try new strategy games,Any new one????????????????

A pretty good RTS that uses current day specs pretty well would be Company of Heroes. I played it and it was great until my ZD8000 overheated... It's unfortunate too since I really want to play it.
I have never play strategy games, is it wonderful for wasting time?
Try Caesar IV little old but its a nice game.
Maybe some of them are too big,ParaWorld is more than 3G.
That will be a waste of disk space.
StarCraft is great ,it is only 200m or less.
The only thing is that it is a little old.
If you like sports, especially football, I recommand you the FOOTBALL MANAGER 2007.

It's COOL!
Are you truly interested in a strategy game, or are you just looking for recent videogames or wargames that happen to have some elements of strategy?

Probably the best pure strategy game is Go, but that is 4000 years old - hardly new. Thus, if what you are seeking are new games of pure strategy, you're best bet is the Gipf Project series of games:
a few good rts for you to mull over...

Total War
W40k DoW

all available at your nearest torrent index.

check out:
Id have to say Warhammer 40k Dark Crusade too.

Ive got all the other ones and they are great, lots of fighting, cool looking units and animations, and a good story to go with it.

And the new Dark Crusade campaign is cool, u get 'wargear' to upgrade your force commancer to give more helath etc..also makes him look heaps cooler Very Happy
You also get honour guard to send in with your commander, atm i have an honour guard dreadnaught, veteran terminator, veteran space marine, land speeder and something else that i cant remember off the top of my head.

Good game, go buy it! Very Happy Very Happy
A checklist of games you should play:

WH40k: Dawn of War(all parts)
WarGames(made in 1998 but it's still good.
Duncan Idaho
Can't wait for Lords4 man!! Cool
what about civilization 4 and codename panzers ??
What about Companies of Heroes CoH. I think this is the latest strategy game. Going to try it out.
You can't have a post about strategy games and not mention Total Annihilation and its soon to be released 'successor' Supreme Commander
What about warcraft and the red alert series? They will definitely sastify your need. Supreme commander is a good game too, and that game is absolutely a addictive game of total destruction. If you like star wars, go for the Empires at War, or if you prefer Lord of the Rings, go for Battle for Middle Earth series..
Theres a new command and Conquer game that should be coming out next year. that should be good.
There are mmorts games out there too which are really cool. To name the ones i know of, there are: Ballerium(still in beta phases I think but its rumoured for a upcoming launch, its pretty interesting), Boundless Planet(mmorts made in java that just went gold), and Mankind(I think its one of the oldest and probably the best of these 3, last i heard they were offering free trials for it too).
Medieval 2 total war is a very new game.
I have just "shoped it".
That i recommoned.
I have played all games before.
Like Rome total war, Medieval total war, Shogun total war, Viking invasion.
A very nice game series they have i must say..
I expect a lot of fun from the 10th anniversary edition of Settlers II.
They kept all the original stuff, but they pimped it in a very nice way.
Needs some more processor power also.
Can recommend that one!
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