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I'm new to the server on website thing

Hello... I am so new to using a server.

Where do i use it?

What free hosters use a server?

What are servers?

Does it help increase bandwith?

I need to know all the basic stuff... Without hard and complicated tuturials. So if anyone can help me please post here. I use abyss server... it was the only one that I could find that works.


Haha....good questions.

What are servers?
A "server" is just some fancy, geeky term. It is basically just some plain old computers (the kind that you and I use) that has some kind of service. The most common service is hosting a website.

Are they really just normal computers?
Well....not exactly. What makes them "special" is that they have some kind of "program" for the service. The "programs" are like Microsoft Word etc. Some common "programs" (for hosting websites) are IIS - Internet Information Services (Windows computers only) and Apache.

What free hosters use a server?
Every hoster uses a server. Free or paid.

Where do i use it?
Don't understand this....

Does it help increase bandwidth?
Bandwidth is a completely different topic. spare time left. Laughing

Just ask any thing you're not sure about. Learnt all this in Networking class. Very Happy
well..... here is some basic info that will probably help you....

now you see that once a person creates a site, it has to be put somewhere on the internet from where the whole world can view it... This kind of a place is called a web server... a webserver is a computer that is speciallized to allow maximum connections to it... hosting our sites on a server... this means that we are placing our data onto a foregin computer that has softwares like apache installed ( above post ..)... and a computer which has 24/7 connection to internet.... that way people from around the world can view it at any time..

Bandwidth is just like RAM (i'd say) it is memory that allows visitor of the site to use to view the memory...

arr.... i lost the enthusiasm of talking of it in detail just now.... Embarassed Sad

i hope the above info helps..... :/
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