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Gainning weight

Does anyone has advice on how to significantly progress in the gym?
If you want to gain weight, you should eat/drink protein. Protein will really help you bulk up. And protein will add to your muscle as you work out.

Try to take it immediately after you work out (protein shakes, protein bars, a big steak, chicken, basically anything with protein in it).

Muscle > Fat in terms of weight.

Eat a hearthy meal 3 times a day and you should be gaining weight.

but most of all, remember : ) patience!
In terms of gaining muscle weight, there are two parts, which has been mentioned by xpiamchris, although I would not recommend a few of the things he mentioned.

As xpiamchris had said, exercising and protein is the way to go.

However, to gain muscle and not fat, eat protein rich food that's low in fat. Chicken is a good one, but if you really want to gain healthy weight, boil it. Then there's egg white, it's a really good protein source. I wouldn't go for the protein shakes and bars and so forth because in my opinion, they do more harm than good (as with any commercially/chemically processed and packaged food that claims to be oh so wonderful)

As for exercising, go for weight training instead of, say, cardio.
eat more than five times a day, small portions of food are better metabolized, than eating three big meals a day. Most serious body buillders do so. Eat protein such as egg protein or milk protein if you can afford to buy pre digested protein, it will make it easier for your body to make the muscles.
At the gym workout more workout harder, remember no pain no gain. One substance can help you with it is creatine, creatine is a miracle supplement for athletes specially when higher yielding is a must such as in this case. Creatine is not illegal and will not cause side effects, how ever it is expensive.
Do not excercise the same part of your body two consecutive days, not resting is as bad as not exercising enough. Any muscle needs at least 48 hours to recover, during this period is when muscles grow and reach another level of strenght and endurance.
Another good advise is buy a fitness magazine, anyone you like, it will keep you motivated and also it will give you ideas and many other advise.
Weight gain, take healthy food,take more calorie contain food, also take nuts and all, be relax ,avoid diet and also take fresh things and also take protein things also help you to gain weight.
The basic diet for weight gain that should contain nutritious, high calorie foods. carbohydrate
is also assential part for the weight gain. The diet for the carbohydrate meal bread, potatoes, brown
rice, pasta, couscous,fresh and dried fruits.
Freddy wrote:
Does anyone has advice on how to significantly progress in the gym?

Take good diet full of Proteins and Fats and start light exercise first.
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Gaining Weight
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