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Website Ideas

Well. I decided to change my website, for a couple of irrelavent reasons.

I wanna keep my account though, it helps me practice, but I wanna ask anyone for ideas on what I can make a website about?

Make them practical pls.

i would make one about cars. Or do something that interests you. Thats how i got mine up. Or you can even just host a blog.
I´d have to agree with Blaster, just make it about something that interests you. Otherwise it might get rather booring.

I made my page about my car, and then added a forum just recently. If you haven´t tried making a forum that might be a fun and educating thing to do.

Try and find something that you can always go back to and update.

Hobby sites are fun, but sometimes you can back yourself into a corner with 'Well, what ELSE can I add?'

Just my two cents.
You can make a fan site. What group (style, book, film, legend, saga, religion, team) do you like?
Or really hold a blog.
You can always make a site on something no one has ever thought about.
^^ it's been done, I am sure that there is a web site for every single topic in the world
Hmm, I don't really like things like blogs, and I'd like a website that provides something for someone.. Cool

now i'm creating school web site,
i think i can communicate with my old friends around the world

so i can remember the happy and tears my moment at school

"You can get girlfriend who you know too"
Well, why don't you create a sort of community?
How about a site about your web design? Smile
Yeah,Idea start a website about your webdesigning. Maybe you can end up doing small freelance projects for people and get a little bit of money. And people could see your portfolio. You never know, big things always start are insignificantly small hobby-projects (e.g. Yahoo and Google).Idea
Sites about what interest you aren't always popular. Like people that host sites about the 5 billion songs in their iPod bug the living crap out of me. Try making a webcomic. It doesn't have to be amazing, just something slightly humorous, or suspenseful. I mean, the guys at explosm work wonders,and those are basically stick figures. Try it out!
I think a site for songs and movies.
I am planning to create site for my band for musics and all other stuffs.
website about pokemon or digimon would be great.
Why not create some sort of message board/community portal... like a pokemon one (since you obviously have an interest in it). Cool
Create a website with tutorials about what you have a good expertise in. Or, try making a ... a cooking tips website, maybe?
Let Me Help you....

If you are a hardcore programmer/ web developer then you should search for something which is not provided for free in internet.. Then Create your own duplicate.... (from scratches) then Make it free.. With some ads ion it......

You will be earning from ads and people will visit ur site because it will be free....
LOL. Let's clear this up.

I don't like Pokemon or Digimon, that's why my Avatar says:

"Tokemon! Gotta Smoke 'em ALL!"

it's a spoof, so please no more about pokemon/digimon

Thanks for all your ideas, I got some good designs now Smile
It would be cool if you could make a site about your community. If you live in a small town, that might help make that town more popular. You could take alot of pictures and write nice stuff about your town. But, if you live in a big town, you could still do it but it wouldn't be as original.
Oh well... just a thought.

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