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W. Virginia vs Louisville

Anyone watch the game tonight? I thought both teams look overrated. I saw no defense whatsoever for either team. And are you kidding me. I've seen OSU and Michigan and they can both get it done on either side of the ball. I'd bet on either of those teams beating W. Virginia/Louisville.
they may be overrated and maybe michigan/osu could beat either one, but it was still great to watch RUTGERS beat louisville last thursday (even if it does support your claim that both wv and louisville are overrated) but to me it highlights the beauty of college football that any team on any given sunday can join together and defeat a powerhouse. after all i get tired of seeing the same old names on top (and note that i even went to michigan and texas.)
I agree--I loved watching that. If I don't care about the team, I usually love to see an upset. It was crazy when the showed all the Rutgers students lining up to buy tickets on like Monday or something. I go to Iowa, and I'm pretty sure even we are sold out before the season starts (of course in the past two years Iowa's been predicted to be way better than they ended up--in other words, we are usually a disappointment--and Drew Tate's been way overrated as he's so inconsistent).
drew tate never was the same since he got hurt. but also the main problem with this years iowa team at least by my estimation (which is admitedly not based on much, as the only full game i watched them play was the michigan game) is their o-line. serveral years ago when they won the big ten their offensive lines so impressive i would rank them up with the best i have ever seen. they played as a team soo well. and this years team just didnt have that, and so much of the weight fell onto tate, but he can only do so much esp with a fair o-line.
You've also got to take into consideration that Michigan's defensive line is one of the best in the country. They barely allow any yards on the ground. I think if you watched the highlight reals of Iowa's losses, the thing it would show the most is our secondary just plain getting beat--that and many, many dropped passes. The corner backs are horrid. I think OSU would have beat Iowa by a lot more had they decided to showcase their passing game a little more. They weren't throwing the deep ball as often as I expected.
Yeah, I agree just because how well Rudgers played against Louisville.
But you got to think if both teams are really good at offense no matter what the defence is like you are going to have some high scoring games. I like Louisville but i like Rudgers best i think that they will be at the rose bowl by the end of the season if all goes well.
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