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Do you have your own musical projekt?

If you have your own projekt, post the link here, as well as genre, and your member status etc...

I have my own industrial projekt, called "Artificial Harmony" - My main influences come from Front Line Assembly and Skinny Puppy. I have I think 7 songs finished (One being a cover - 6 originals).

You can check it out at
Cool stuff. I have a few projects, but nothing up on the net yet. I do a lot of glitch, drum and bass and ambient stuff. I also have a band I play guitar in, and I also make electronic sounds for that.
The Mitchell
currently all of my projects are in studio session stuff at the moment. nothing is finished on any but soon i shall have muchos going on. ill post link asap. in the meantime here
is sleepercell my main bands last demo. written last year before the band started some heavy changes. We should be back next summer with loads of new stuff and a new name

Thats nice stuff dude. thats pretty slick. id like to hear some of this glitch stuff too scott.
I work on hip-hop production but I haven't gotten vocalists to record over my work yet.

You can check out some of my stuff here:
TomS In german yet. Translation will follow.
Some Technostuff
Solo Turco
I made some works, it is here:
very cool stuff guys!
I've been in a metal band called Apostasy, for the last 4 years. We're kind of melodic death metal mixed with a few other types of metal. I play lead guitar. Here's a link if anyone is interested:
Shocked Shocked

It's not my style, but you're good, very good.

I play in lead guitar in a metal-band as well. We have not been a band for so long yet, but we have already written a couple of songs - actually it's more like I have since im the main composer of the band, but of cause the songs have been modified and so on by the other memebers. We play some kind og melodic metal, and is actually a little hard to categorize.
I have a friend who is currently creating mainly electronica and drum n' bass music. He goes by Element 3 and his music can be found at

please support! thanks Very Happy
Hi folks,

My project is called "El Royce"; it's a punk-rock combo (between Foo Fighters, Billy Talent and AC/DC...)

I play drums. We've been together since 2002. A 4 tracks EP along with some DIY demos is our material.


Cheers !

I have 3 bands (none of which actually do anything yet due to lack of members) and a solo thing going on. So check it out!


My band has a AWESOME instrumental by our hot hot hot guitarist, Ryan. (Remember that name, you'll be hearing that name a lot one day)

My solo page just has some of my songs up there. They're pretty amatuer and were recorded infront on my computer with one mic and an electric guitar, so the quality's dodge. But people enjoy it, so check it out Wink

Be sure to add me and tell me what you think.
Im DJ and Producer from Argentina. Producing and Mixing electronic music. more info at

I'm an amateur composer with some very low profile equiptment...a computer and a computer program...I don't even have sound mixers or anything...

yup, all can find some examples here
Hah, perfect. I just used to record myself making noise on my lego webcam and play around with it in Acoustica Mixcraft.
You can find some stuff here:
I haven't made anything in a while :x
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