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What do you think is THE scariest FPS?

What do you think is the scariest FPS?
 29%  [ 8 ]
 66%  [ 18 ]
Quake 4
 3%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 27

I personally think FEAR is the most terrifying game ever created, and before that came out, it was DOOM 3 for me...I want to know, what do you think? And if it is F.E.A.R, tell me one of your favorite scary parts Razz

That game is amazing Very Happy
Dj Redrum
I would'nt really go for Quake all that much... have'nt really had the time to play F.E.A.R other than about 20 minutes worth and it was abit strange at parts.

I would have to go for Doom easy as its one of the only games that gets you as all the maps are full with traps which monsters coming out of nowhere.

Project Zero beats them all for the scaryist.
DooM3 is the *most terrifying fps* for me... F.E.A.R is not terrifying at all. But FPS is not a genre for *fear* in VG.
I prefere the silent hill serie or the project zero/fatal frame serie !
I would say... the Fatal Frame series, with Fatal Frame 2 being the most scariest.

To my defense, Fatal Frame could be technically called an FPS, as you must be in first person view to kill the ghosts and its a shooter cause you take pictures, thus you're taking a photo "shoot" of the ghosts. =) lol
Unreal, L1. 7HPs, screams from all directions, blood, corpses, dying folks... Then there's AvP series as a Marine. And Condemned:Criminal Origins.
I have only played doom 3 and it is pretty scarry. It gets predictable and less scary after a while though...
Doom 3 is quite tense at the start but once you get used to it, its ok. Never played F.E.A.R so I don't know how it fares. Anyway, did any of you guys get motion sickness easily when playing Doom ? For some reason I'm keep getting it Rolling Eyes
I voted Doom 3.

The extremely dark environment combined with the awesome sounds effects really scared me Smile
It needs a really top of the line computer though, so sadly enough i could only run it on low settings.
I vote FEAR. Memorable scary moment: Early in the game, dark corridor turning around to climb down a ladder to find Alma standing in front... spooky. Good use of sound effects builds the tension well...
Doom3 was just cheap frights.
Doom3, i love the atmosphere of the game, the lightning is soo nice in the campaign maps and the monsters jumping out from stairs and so on, quite scary id say, reminds me when i showed to my friend, letting him play, and when he got a certain point in the first map, where a zombie falls down from the roof, he almost got stuck in my celling Razz was funny.
Out of them, id say FEAR.
scary moment: little over half way through the game when them 'imp' things 'zap' into the map while your searching the offices...had my headphones onand heard the zap of it spawning, turned around and it clubbed me in the face.

The one about the ladder is a scary bit too, also when you get to the bottom of that ladder and that evil dude takes a swing at you.....scary stuff.

(excuse me not knowing the character names Laughing )
Id say none of them yes there bloody looking zombies but still its a game and it doesnt really scare my but the most cool looking game is doom
FEAR stands for First Encounter Assault Recon - its a new/ish FPS...Basically it combines crazy fps elements, with an extremely immersive physics engine (not just another Havok engine rip off Razz) - The gameplay itself is sometimes downright terrifying, and creates an intense atmosphere. I love it Smile
I havent played FEAR yet but I know that doom 3 scared the living shit out of me constantly!!!
Doom 3 is scary >.<. I haven't play FEAR yet, so I don't know what that is.
F.E.A.R. is the scariest first-person shooter I have ever played. I can only play it for a little while at a time, then I have to save and come back to it. These pshycological thrillers really do it for me.
Out of those three, I would have to say F.E.A.R - by a long shot.

Doom and Quake both inspired their own moments, having me jump, and Doom almsot wet myself Laughing on a few occasions.

F.E.A.R brought out a whole.. well, new Fear. I was more than scared to walk around corners. Every peep had me wanting to shoot at something, and at more than one point in the game I had to save, shut the game off and sit in a well-lit room with a smoke to calm myself down. Laughing
Doom 3 in Nighmare mode rocks. It keeps you moving until the game is done. Its great.
F.E.A.R for sure. I know it cuz i turned it off after 5 minutes of playing ;p
Q4 and Doom are almost the same and both of them aren't scary at all.
There is a huge difference between F.E.A.R and Q4/Doom, the first one looks kinda more seriously scarrier or something like that ;]
The problem with Doom3 was that it wasn't scary per se, it was just keeping you on the edge all the time. I mean, the first half hour you don't know there WILL be a zombie popping in your face after you open that door, but after that half hour, you know. You know that once you open that door, the lights will be lacking, you'll walk slowly, because you KNOW that the zombie will pop out of nowhere, scaring the shite out of you.

and it works every damn time.

Now FEAR on the other hand, is a straight down SCARY game. I've lost count of all the times I nearly jumped out of my chair just by seeing a SHADOW. Hell, a friend of mine, who doesn't really scare that easy, uninstalled the game after the first 20 minutes Wink Now that game is creepy.
1. FEAR 2. DOOM 3 3. QUAKE 4
Haven't played the other two, but Doom 3 scared the @#% out of me- so much so that I stopped playing it...
for me its still doom, the old one, the first Doom! that game scared me to 4 sleepless nights! though graphics were not as good when Doom was at its most popular i think thats what made it scarier. because of scarce graphics it left more to the imagination. that alien woman entangled in vines in the corner of a dark room still gives me the creeps whenever i remember it.
Doom scared the gibbees out of me !
Never played FEAR... Might give it a go !
FEAR is pretty spooky...

Actually, the only game that has ever made me jump were those headcrabs from Half Life...

Though when I was younger, I thought Wolfenstein 3D was pretty damn scary.
Duncan Idaho
Half-Life or Return To Castle Wolfenstein are the classic(well to me) scarers, Fatal Frame looks cool and same with Silent Hill(neither are fps' though), Quake 3 is awesome(not scary, its fun), F.E.A.R looks cool (but can't get).
Write in: System Shock 2. I know it's not as shiny as the fancy stuff listed in the poll, but I literally jumped in my chair playing that one, especially sleep deprived, late at night (the only way to play!). If anybody is looking for a really good time on the cheap, I can't reccommend SS2 enough.

That said, I've been meaning to try out FEAR... so, actually scary, or just cheap-loud-noise-at-an-unexpected-time scary?
For me, I would say that DOOM 3 is the most scariest FPS I ever laid my eyes on. Playing in surround sound at NIGHT, will give you the full effects. I was practically terrified when I played it so I ended up deleting it lol! But I want that experience again so I will reinstall it sometime. As for F.E.A.R. I am currently playing that and just like DOOM 3, it is also scary, but I don't believe it is as scary as DOOM 3 tho. I don't think that you can really compare to DOOM 3 at this point. As for Quake 4, I have not played it yet, but I may decide to get it and see what it is like.
Ghengis wrote:
Write in: System Shock 2. I know it's not as shiny as the fancy stuff listed in the poll, but I literally jumped in my chair playing that one, especially sleep deprived, late at night (the only way to play!). If anybody is looking for a really good time on the cheap, I can't reccommend SS2 enough.

That said, I've been meaning to try out FEAR... so, actually scary, or just cheap-loud-noise-at-an-unexpected-time scary?

Oooh, SS2... Yes, that was definitely a scary game, and not just at moments, but rather constantly. Especially with those damned chimps and worms *shudder*.

As for F.E.A.R., I was rather disappointed, there's very little scary stuff there, unless exploitation of the image of a scary child in the last few years has by some magic eluded you. Occasional "Booo!" moments, sometimes actually managing to get you to jump, but later grow predictable, and what's more, aren't generally lethal. Condemnded, a game on the same engine, is far more scary.
I haven't played any of those games but the scariest game is Prey (which is made with the Doom 3 Engine).

You are taken in an alien space ship made of hard metal, steel and organisms and you walk trough a half living world.
An example of something scary is that you walk in an ordinary room (stuffed with organisms but you are used to it) you see a deep gap and on the other side is a school bus. You see nobody in the bus or somewhere else and you walk on. Suddenly the lights turn of, completely dark, you turn around and you see the bus which some lights shining on it and children come out of the bus and attack you, ghost children.

I can make a footage of some of the highlights, expect a post soon Wink
Haven't really played many FPSs, but I'd have to say that Metroid Prime would have to be the creepiest. The Research Core, and to possibly a larger extent the Phazon mines, are dang creepy. Their just to dark(with the Research core having no light) with nasty things crawling around such as... cloaked space pirates. I hate those guys!
You guys got it all wrong, the scariest one is Condemned: Criminal Origins for sure. Doom & Quake 4 aren't really scary, same for FEAR if you have played Condemned: Criminal Origins, now that is a freaky game. It's from the same guys who made FEAR and thus runs on the same engine, though its a lot more scarier.

The coolest thing is you usually dont hold regular weapons, like a pistol or uzi etc, but you can take things out of the wall (for example tubes) or use a fire axe to cut the enemy in pieces. Usually your enemies are crack junkies and they scare the freak out of you most of the time.

I still haven't finished the game Smile.
I have to agree with SpykE here because condemmed scares me alot. But resistance is also really scary and all of the doom and quakes ones are too. But Comdemned is the scariest by far because of the mood and atmosphere present there.
dead space series is the best of the breed here, period.
Utopia GFR
To me, it must be FEAR.

I really got scared on some gaming scenes especially when all the lights went out Very Happy
Clive Barker's Undying
FEAR when it came out. Dark room, new 7.1 surround and new graphics....... OH GOD. I have honestly never jumped at a game so much.
I was scared to death playing ALIEN vs PREDATOR 2 when it was first out. F.E.A.R. may be scary but Quake 4 and Doom 3 are not. If you want to be scared, play FATAL FRAME 2 on the xbox or PS2 Smile
The scaries game for fps is probably huntsman the orphanage well because its kinda like slender man in a way and the environment is just amazing. Its a big game and is soon to come out in steam im willing to get it if its a decant price and not like 60 $ well i dought it but u know. Well to me its pritty scary and i would record it any time! But thats not what this is about i would say FEAR because of all the un expected scares, unlike some games like doom 3 u expect somthing to pop out and OOOOHH look it did!
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