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php instalation:

Sad i install apache and mysql, and when i enter localhost in the address bar in IE i see the welcome window of apache. also i can see the green lights for apache and mysql in the bottom left of the screen. i also put all the php files i downloaded in a folder called php in this location c:\php\

WHAT CAN I DO!!? Question
Apache 1.3.x (check the manual) or Apache 2.0.x (check the manual)?
Assuming you have installed it correctly, whats the problem? If you haven't placed your web files in the correct directory, apache's default files will be all it has to display. Replace the apache welcome page with some other content and it should change.
Just for reference, I know why alot of people would like to install apache, mysql, and php themselves, but have you ever thought of an install kit? depending on what operating system you use, Im not sure about linux or others,, but I go to and get an installation kit,,, I use vertrigo server, which is actually, apache, mysql, and php... and as for linux, there are some there too...
this is the address:
hi, alalex, it should be easy to solve your issues if you post detail about you questions. Did you installed a all in one package that include apache, php, mysql or stand-alone ?

Here are some notes:

1.) By default, I'am assume you installed apache on c:\apache using windows installer package and php in c:\php using zip package, the web
root location will be [ c:\apache\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs ]. So, everything including *.php files should be placed here and / or sub-directory.
After you have a basic knowledge. You can change it.

2.) You have to config apache to use php. Uncomment the line AddType application/x-httpd-php from httpd.conf and add a line to the module section
that begins with [LoadModule] as following:
LoadModule php5_module "c:\php\php5apache2.dll"

3.) place a php.ini file to windows directory from you php installation directory. [ you have to rename it from php-recommended.ini ]

or checkout the mannal
apache :
php :
mysql :
all-in-one package :

post here if issues still present .

Hope this help. Smile
i now know what my problem was, i didnt put the files where the apache welcomepage was! i thought it had to work in all the computer. i installed them one by one,to answer some questions.
can i change the folder where apache has its files, i mean, i have all my webs in one folder that contains all the other folders with web pages. is there a way i can make apache work with that folder??
hi, alalex, the following is my computer setting. You can change the default server-wide document root to fit you needs.

By default, as stated previous post, is c:\apache\apache group\apache2\htdocs. you can change this to any path you like
from httpd.conf in c:\apache\apache group\apache2\conf and then restart apache.

/* Be sure to make a backup copy first */

# DocumentRoot: The directory out of which you will serve your
# documents. By default, all requests are taken from this directory, but
# symbolic links and aliases may be used to point to other locations.
DocumentRoot "E:/webroot/Apache Group/Apache2/htdocs"

Hope this help.
ok i will try that, icant do it now though. so when i do it i will post here if it works!
thanks for your post! Very Happy
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