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After 7 months

She still nags and gets on my nerves . should i break up with her ? Twisted Evil
S3nd K3ys
JacobMrry wrote:
She still nags and gets on my nerves . should i break up with her ? Twisted Evil

Absolutely. If she's annoying you now, just wait for 5 years. Shocked
I think this depends on how much you care about her, and how much she cares about you...

I've known of couples that nag each other like none other.. .and they still stay together, cause they know in the end.. when its all said and done, they will always be there for each other.... but then again...

ive also known of very dysfuntional couples that nag each other and always fight... and only stay together because its what they're used to... which i believe is bad..

ive seen too many people that stay with each other because of the fact that they've been together for a while.. and they don't want change in their lives.. or they're scared of change...

so the call is yours. is she worth the nagging?
JacobMrry wrote:
She still nags and gets on my nerves . should i break up with her ? Twisted Evil

If you love her, dont do it. But when you love her no more, do it. Its simple...
if she nag for a good reason, maybe u have some habit that she don like and she wants u to change or something..

but if u love her, don ever break till u sure that nagging is a pain in ur arse and sometimes, u don care about her anymore, then u can break up with her..

u can actu reduce the nagging.. cmon, give and take..
the key word here is "still".. apparently she's been nagging you for most of the 7 months? in that case, you can pretty much assume that her behavior will continue, unless yours changes to suit her

so, the question is, which one of you is going to change? and if you change, will that still suit her? only you can answer that

but my limited opinion is that if it bothers you now, you will need to: 1) have a serious conversation with her about it.. 2) learn to be happy in spite of her nagging.. 3) accept a life with someone who doesn't make you happy.. 4) end it

I had a relationship that was exactly the same way.. it lasted 3 years.. I tried over and over to tell her that she was making me very unhappy by trying to change me, since I, and essentially everyone else who knew me, thought I was just fine as I was.. after a year of being miserable because of her, I finally ended it.. I only wish I had done it sooner

good luck!
Well whatever you do, I strongly suggest you talk it out first, it could just be a serious issue of miscommunication.
If she's nagging you already, and your questioning the relationship, get out. Run for the closest exit!

You aren't too invested only after 6 months. The longer you stay together, the harder it'll be for your and her.
yes , you should because if that gonna be your wife your going to be on hell...

don't let her nag at you for many times... let her find another man who will accept of what attitude

she has...
Irrelevant, I'm afraid. Don't raise such old topics from the dead for the sake of replying, please.

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