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Board Issues

I am dealing with an e-machine at the moment. Specifically the T3120

A friend crashed his computer and we could not get to the C: drive at all. I
used the e-machine recovery disk thinking that would restore the computer.
When the OS came back there was no sound and none of the drivers were

Figuring that the recovery partition had been infected as well I repartitioned
the computer which is a 100gig 3 ways. I then installed Win XP SP2 that I
have in hopes that the drivers would be on the new disk. Ofcourse no luck

I then went to the emachine site in hopes that if I downloaded the drivers
directly I could install them manually, though the emachines site offers no
drivers because everything is on board.

I have searched around the web for the last hour or so looking for the
type of mother board used on the "emachine T3120" so I can find the
drivers that way.

Anyone have any idea how one could find the mother board information for an emachine T3120 ?
Well, is your best bet for finding the drivers if Emachines website is not giving them. As for which drivers that can be a bit more difficult if you do not know the name of them.

I also double checked the emachine website and it has a hardware reference manual, a display driver, and the specifications of the computer. Maybe look through the hardware ref>

I hope you find the drivers! It can be a pain when you dont know the names, though sometimes you get lucky if you know the name of the product and search on driverguide.
For quite some time now, new computers have come with not only a Windows installation disk, but also a drivers disk specific to that machine's motherboard. If you got the computer used and it did not include the driver disk, you will have to find the drivers elsewhere.

eMachines, has their own website, and it took me almost no time at all to find the following driver-download information: Unfortunately, the only driver I see there is for the display, not the sound, but the page also includes information for contacting eMachines, so you should be able to find the correct information through them.

Good luck.
(hours later) Very Happy

I got on the phone with the tech support from emachine and after I got through the intial "recovery disk does not work" and had to go through all there level one garbage about turning on and off the machine they actually transferred me to a tech.

After an additional foray of nonsense about them wanting umpteenth amounts of personal information I inquired as to what kind of motherboard they used for the T3120. The tech could not tell me, she only could say that the board was made by F.I.C.

I searched the F.I.C. site and found this page that helped me to find out what kind of socket board I have a Socket 754 and that the chipset is put out by Nvidia. The number on my board is K8MC51GLF.

I was able to find the audio drivers though have still had no luck finding the ethernet drivers. I have used every configuration of Realtek I can find and have been unable to find any kind of driver for the "Broadcom Ac 131"

Again any help would be greatly appreciated. I would like to resolve this without having to install an outside NIC, as well as find the other drivers.
I'm also working on a dead T3120 for a friend. The power supply checked out OK. It may the motherboard unfortunately.

Anyway I did find this link to download some of the drivers, hope it helps!
Hey man thanks.
I had the same problem. The ethernet drivers are in the motherboard driver package. There is an option to install the drivers. It's under the chipset downloads..Motherboard Driver Package. I believe their are options for audio and video drivers also....
FYI...once the exe for the mother board package is run, it creates a folder in windows/cabs. Inside that folder is the install file. Run that file and you get the options to install the ethernet driver..
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