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Resident Evil 5

Alright people, lay it on me. What are your opinions on the upcoming Resident Evil? I myself am hoping for Hunk to play a major role in this one...Preferably him being the main character. Either way, I think Wesker is going to wind up being the main villain in this one, seeing as how he's trying to reconstruct Umbrella and all....Eitherway, post your thoughts.
Well, from what I heard awhile back, it's supposed to be less action packed, and more focused on survival. For instance, you'll be doing alot more running away from hoards of zombies than standing and firing endless streams of bullets with your assault rifle. And, yes, it's supposed to go back to using zombies, instead of Ganados. But instead of putting like five at a time in a single room, it'll be more open, and having 50-100-200-whatever coming at you at once.

As for the main character thing, you're supposed to playing as the original Resident Evil badboy, Chris Redfield. But if you've playing Code Veronica, you'll know that he was reunited with his sister, Claire. So, one of my expectations is that you'll be playing as her too. As for the whole HUNK thing, he was never a main character, and he never will be. He was a side character they thought of for fun, and while HUNK was pretty cool, he never played a major role in any of the RE games, and I don't expect to have one, ever. I mean, if you're gonna give HUNK a game, then why not give one to Tofu?

The game is supposed to have the over the shoulder system it had in RE4, but I expect that it's going to afew more twists to it when it comes to camera control. While the RE4 camera was pretty good, if they really want to make people more interested in the game, then they have to really include something new camera wise, since I would have liked to watched myself run from zombies or something cool like that. It would also be helpful if they found a way to make you able to move while aiming.

It's supposed to be coming out for the Xbox 360, so you know it's going to have that next gen look to it, and because it's coming to the 360 as opposed to the PS3, then it'll definetly get alot more sales. While I hope it has alot of good plot twists, some more, er, inventive ways of killing zombies like in it's next gen Capcom predacessor, Dead Rising, it still may be able to find it's own charm. There are alot of things that are going to be riding on the back of RE5; how will the story play out? Are you going to be playing as everyone else? Are there going to be new breeds of monsters now that Umbrella has Las Plagas? Will it live up to Resident Evil 4 and Dead Rising? We won't really know until the game comes out, so just keep your hopes up, but remember to keep being cynical.
i hope its better than the 4th one because those fo0s werent zombies they were controlled people by some stupid monster virus
Dj Redrum
I would like to see the RE5 set within a hostpial at some point of the game as there is alot of things which could be done in there for puzzles ect... Other than the main person i would'nt of mined leon playing it again but it will most likely be chris.

Hopefully these times they are real zombies insted of humans that have been court up in a virus attack, also it would be good to see the '' lickers '' return as there a good creature to see within a RE game.
They should revive a new NEMESIS BIO WEAPON to make it more exciting to play.
yeah they should i like nemisis he was kind crazy popped out of nowhere sometimes thats why i like that fo0 scares me sometimes
rayx wrote:
They should revive a new NEMESIS BIO WEAPON to make it more exciting to play.

Oh god yes. That's a great idea, but they should also somehow involve Tyrants into this. Say, a group of tyrants led by a new Nemesis? That would be amazing to see.

As for the Ganados, I thought that they were a great idea. It really opened things up for the RE universe. They made it so that Capcom wasn't limited to trudging enemies who just wanted to eat flesh, these people were just superhuman, er, spanish folk who were ordered to kill Leon. So, as long as the had intelligence, it was far more challenging than simply capping a zombie in the skull.
I hope they throw in more solving pussles along with the zombies, because RE4 was a letdown in my opinion. Sure, there were a lot of great ideas, like the over-the-shoulder camera, which improved my aim tenfold. (Although that also took away a lot of the scare-factor, so I have mixed feelings about that.)
i dindnt really like RE:4 because no Zombies Sad
roach831 wrote:
i dindnt really like RE:4 because no Zombies Sad

So what? Wow, it had no zombies, big f*cking deal. It doesn't change the fact that the game was and still is generally fun to play, especially with the over the shoulder camera and improved aiming system, and enemies that were actually smart. I mean, sure, Resident Evil is know for Zombies, but it bascially took a whole new direction in everything it did. Now, since Umbrella has Las Plagas, the game may actually be different, where there are both Zombies and Ganados, or maybe a mixture between the two, you know, intelligent bloodthirsty monsters. But, you know, fine, think whatever you want, I will continue to say that even though there were no zombies, RE4 will be one of the greatest games of all time, ranked up with some of the other big name games. Hell, I've seen top 100 lists with RE4 up along with The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. So, if people think that RE4 sucked because it didn't have zombies, I'd have to disagree with you, because it brought new things to the series, and breathed new life into the already beaten dead horse that is the Resident Evil franchise.
Resident evil 5 is going to be another great step forward for the series, Resident Evil on the Game Cube the best ever and a ginormous leap forward in game mechanics. The graphics were gorges. and innovative use of cinematics. I was sore after watching movies. It was great.
I love all Resident Evil games.

That mean... Duh! I can't wait
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