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video to .flv with php?

Hi. I am trying to make a videos web page.
What I need to do that is a server side script that converts any video into flv.
I want to be able to upload an avi, mov, mpg or other and that the server converts it directly to .flv.
Is that possible? Any help would be thanked,
Why don't you just use Youtube and embed videos into the page? It will save bandwidth and you will not have to worry about that programming. Otherwise I am sure there is information out there, search on google.
I really prefear to have my videos on my own site.
Isn't that possible?
If not: Is there a freeware batch conversion tool?
Thanks anyway!

Upload it to YouTube
wait for e few seconds/minutes (it depends on length)
download video from youtube (in flv)
(I don't know if there is a way to batch upload videos to youtube. Sad )

It is not so easy as converting images.

If you can use system() exec() and others system functions, try to persuade mplayer/mencoder like
something like mplayer was what I needed.
Does frihost support system() exec()? How do you use them?
Thanks a lot,
You want this overloading work at Frihost? Very Happy
try script
<?php system("echo \"it works\""); ?>

or look at phpinfo() of frihost
<?php phpinfo(); ?>
where you can find if this function is banned

I thing you will have to convert your videos at home. Frihost is not good for this because you are not alone here and I also want my site to be viewable without delays.
If you want to convert video's to .flv then use SUPER. Can't remember where i downloaded it but it's GREAT and FREE for use. It can convert everything. I think...

I'l provide you with a link as soon as possible.
I would appreciate that a lot tom...
Then what I will have to do is get this program, convert all files to flv and then upload them to the server. Is that right?
Thanks a lot to all,
google "convert video command line", there must be a tool suitable for you Smile
kevinalle wrote:
I would appreciate that a lot tom...
Then what I will have to do is get this program, convert all files to flv and then upload them to the server. Is that right?
Thanks a lot to all,

wait a second , wasnt uploading videos in frihost restricted ?
but for the convertor , i think there is actually one which converts video online
converting videos from the command line can be done with ffmpeg (the best thing there is) and most bigger companies also use it if they want it integrated with webservides. Only problem is that you need root access to install it (like on a dedicated server or vps).

Converting them manually and uploading them on frihost is the only thing you can do if you don't have a server with root access.
Just as rvec says, ffmpeg is a possible solution.

Once you know ffmpeg's command switchs, which can be found at its website, and have ffmpeg installed, you can call it by PHP exec function

The prerequisite is that the server is owned by you, whether decicated, vps, or self-set-up. Web hosting limits the possibility in term of execution privilege and upload size, not only FriHost, others as well.

If you have face any problem, feel free to raise more, I have done a little bit on video conversion using ffmpeg via php before.
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