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Counter Strike, or..?

Whats Better?
 52%  [ 13 ]
Other [Please Post]
 48%  [ 12 ]
Total Votes : 25

Hey, I was wondering what is better then CounterStrike. To me, the game is awesome. I was just about to buy it, then my friend told me that there is better games then CS. I was like... WHAT?

Just vote, and please reply what game is better then CS, if there is one Wink.

I'm not sure what peoples attraction, I don't mean to be offensive but I see nothing interesting about it!

It's cool though if it works for you, I'm sure you can amuse yourselves very easily with a couple of hours on it. But... I'd say a lot of FPS online are better than CS... even Halo PC (I've gone back to it recently) Very Happy
Is there a demo, or some SS's for Halo (PC)?

Hehe, yah I can amuse myself very quickly. Maybe I just like blood? Actully, the funest part was learning all the guns names.

LONG LIVE THE M4!!! Smile.
F.E.A.R. Combat is better than CS
CS is fairly old, and it isn't very fun online...however, when you have 20 older computers (400-1000Mhz) hooked up on a network, CS can be amazing. You'd be hard pressed to find too many LAN party's with $3000 computers efficiently running FEAR Smile

I love CS, just not

Cs:Source is really good too (Based off of HL2 engine as opposed to the original Halflife engine)
CS is the best when you play in clans (4 or more people) on internet because without clans is very difference between skills of players.
I personally enjoy DoD: Source more than CS, as the fact you have to wait for respawns until after the round is over means there's too much time spent sitting around.
I vote CS 'cause it became classic game. It grown millions of fans from single mode. I respect this game.
For cpu not much beats CS

For a console i would have to go with both halos
i prefer bf2.
mind you i played cs only a couple itmes and bf2 a lot more,
but i prefer bf2
I play CS a lot, and it's still funny. Especialy when you are pretty good^^
There is many games that are better than CS Exclamation The fun in CS is that I always dies and all people think I'm a n00b. Very Happy

HL2 is better than CS. Do you mean CS Source or the old one. Doesn't metter. They are most the same.

Doungeon Keeper Gold is better but I don't play it anymore because I have played it so much some years ago. Starcraft is fun too. There is alot of good games. But CS is good for these that can nothing about computer except gaming but want to be called (Nörd in swedish) ____freak?. and drink jolt cola Very Happy

But Cs is the best first person shotem up games online I know.
I played HL:TFC, and now CoD2. I´ve never played CS, but now its too old for start the early days of online gaming, it was the king of the games
In terms of FPS, CS is my favorite.
Although overall, Starcraft takes the grand prize.
i dont like counter strike to much hacks ( cheaters ) call of duty 2 is much better
the best games are
Call of Duty 2
Need for Speed Carbon
Company of Heroes

Counter Strike has the realy bed graphic
Battlefield 2 ftw!

Although EA has messed up the game pretty badly, it still is my favorite.
Enemy Territory.

I wonder how Quake Wars will be doing.
Besta game is very ralative, everyone has own favourite game, but that don't that favourite games of other arent gr8!
Well for me there is nothing that can beat COunter-Strike in computer games. I mean just imageine, 40 computers hooked up by LAN playing on 1 map. That is just unbeatable
I grew up on CS on the Lan. Like somebody said above, when you have low end systems, CS is the best multiplayer.

The team tactices are the best though, you really need to think about team first instead of me first
themarauder wrote:
Well for me there is nothing that can beat COunter-Strike in computer games. I mean just imageine, 40 computers hooked up by LAN playing on 1 map. That is just unbeatable

But havent you tryed any other game on 40 lan-ed computers?
as someone above stated, i tend to like Battlefield more becuase it really has some variants of the game that CS didnt offer. Battlefield 2 is a tad more team based and have a goal other then just WTF-PWNING your openents with aimbot and a sniper. BF1242(?) was great too, i didnt buy it though because they only online shooter i play atm is Gears of War for xbox 360 Smile It pwns though Wink

For online fun, Source Forts is the best Very Happy Great game, great gameplay, free, only requires a okay computer and HL2 on a steam account Smile, Again it has some variants in the maps that CS:S dont offer, because you build up your own forts and only imagination is the only thing that can stop you Very Happy
Condition Zero is much more improved than counter strike and it is the best FTP out there.................. if u have doubt check about its online resources like multiplayer tournaments and prize money ..
Its FPS (First Person Shooter) Wink

/wiseass mode off
CS:S is an amazing game, probably my favorite...well, definitely my favorite online FPS. It's nearly impossible to compare it though to other FPS games that are of a different make (e.g. quake, UT, halo), because in general, these other games are much faster, incorporate different skill sets (e.g. rocket-jumping, blast damage etc...) than CS. CS:Source is mid-speed (considering UT fast, and rainbow six slow) so it gets a good mix of players. The only real requirement for CS:S is that youve got a good connection, that way you can get on the best servers without experiencing loss, choke, or crappy ping.

In all, I don't think I'd say other games are better than CS:S (I'm biased), but rather they're different. You're enjoyment will depend on many factors, including game dynamics, you're patience, you're ability to "pick up the game" etc... So I'd say, you can't really lose with CS:S, and it's come down in price significantly, so I'd recommend giving it a shot.

Last thing, if you want to check out an active CSS community, stop by the CSG (Can't stop gaming) forums at


I'm talking about Counter-Strike:Source, not 1.6, CZ, etc... Source is the way to go IMO.
matrixuk321 wrote:
i dont like counter strike to much hacks ( cheaters ) call of duty 2 is much better

vac2 and good admins tend to lower the hackers. it's no where near as bad as it was when the game first came out 2 yrs ago. hacking is not as prevalent a problem now.
Josso wrote:
.......I don't mean to be offensive but I see nothing interesting about it!

I completely agree with you.
I do like other Multiplayer Fps's like:
Call of Duty
Call of Duty United Offensive
Call of Duty 2
i think that cs is a great game but i also like other steam games and i think the WoW owns also So what do you all think i personaly like deathmatch servers[/code]
hey,have nobody play game multi with me
Team Fortress Classic. an OLD mod for the Half-Life game, greatest game for LAN parties ever. Soon, Team Frotress 2 is coming out for the Source engine. yay!.
I second the vote for TCF, as old as it is this is a classic game, the only trick is to find a populated server to play in without bots and good administrators, I would suggest Drippy's 2 fort a great community and gameplay and the admins are very good at snagging cheaters (which CS and TFC are overloaded with)

I play CS occasionally but the Hax0rs are too much and hard to catch, and when they come around it seems like the moderators don't do anything about them. Of course this is all my opinion by but the key to a game like this is to find a good place to play or a clan to play with.
competitive playing is not my thing, multiplayer gales ar way more fun when you play them in lan, but not massive lan's, i play in school, with my friends, in our luchbreak, with minimum two and max 10 or so, and then it's just all fun, all play, you get to have the laughs and you can comment agaisnt a person, in stead of a screen, and it's just way more fun generally.

Laughing hehehe, all kidding aside though, counter-strike rocks
Halo PC beats Counter Strike -- heck, probably all FPSs -- by a long shot. Oh, and Metroid Prime Hunters rocks as well. Razz
Counter-Strike: Source all the way!
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