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Redesign my site and get all my Frih$

Hi, I have a website It's a unique concept and my traffic is also increasing steadily! If anyone can redesign the site into something more interesting keeping in mind the whole concept, I can give all my Frih$ (I will just keep whatever the minimum required by frihost) and till they reach 1000 frih$. It means, any new frih$'s I make, go to you.

Apart from that, If my site makes money, I give you my word that I will definitely re-imburse you for the help in real money.
Hmm, I'm interested. What do you want changing?
Hi thanks for your reply. I want to give a completely new look to the site. Using the same content, if you can come out with better positioning of content using better colors (which match with my blogs colors) and also, I need a top navbar.

If you can come out with a sample template, then we can go ahead. What do you say?
Hmm OK. but I want a payment before I do it please.
Hi, I have paid you 50 frih$ just to see any of your previous work. If I like what I see, I would love to get started right away!
OK, even i am interested - just Pm me with the details, and i will help you as much as i can. Very Happy
Okay. Let me get into nitty gritties of what I want. And please try to give me an idea of your previous work or your ideas for my site before proceeding further.

This is a word of honor when I mean that I will give all my future earnings to the designed till the total amount becomes 1000frih$. (And this post is the proof) I know it's a big job but I believe in compensating justly for any hard work.

If I had the real money, I would have gladly parted away with it too but sadly, I don't have any at the moment. This site has been done from scratch by me without any programming knowledge, getting guides from all over the world and now I can proudly say that my site has some unique and great content!

After the redesign, I am planning to approach some sponsors and if I generate any revenue I will commit to give a part of that earning to the designer.

If I go public in future (As the biggest travel & tourism site on the net Wink ) I will also give some stock to the designer!

Before going further, you have to believe in the site! Unless the designer connects with the concept, the design will not be coherent.

The idea of CellYourCity came to me when I was searching for pictures of a particular city that I wanted to visit. I did not want to see just the tourist spot pictures that every travel site or magazine shows! I wanted to see the every day roads, their buildings, everything a normal citizen of that city sees daily! At the same time, I wanted to know the details of that city. (Details not about eating out places or tourist spots, details that only the city dwellers know!)

Sadly, I did not find any such site on the Internet. I decided to start one for my city immediately. Then I thought, what will make my pictures personal and unique? I thought a cell phone would! I decided only pictures taken from a cell phone would be posted as cell phone pictures are more informal than a normal camera. When you take pictures from your normal camera, your body language is different, suddenly you go into a photographers mode! But with your cell phone, you just take pictures as you are seeing them! Your body language is casual! This is what I wanted!

Then I signed up on blogger and started putting the pictures of my city (Mumbai) and soon, one by one, other cities followed. Bangalore, Delhi and Chennai. Now I wanted to go International! Got in touch with a friend, he referred me to others and soon, I now have more than 13 cities online! Now Iam in the process of adding 3 more cities! In a year, I plan to cover ALL the major cities of the world! I know it's a big task but nothing is impossible. Once all the cities are added, I plan to introduce travel related services in each city.

Each city will have a sub site too that will become a one stop shop for all travel related services for that city. e.g will list all the hotels, restaurants with corresponding pictures and travel booking services. The guide for that city will be the incharge of that particular city! Major portions of the revenue go to that guide!

Ok, that's the future. I feel one picture speaks a thousand words! Imagine a site with thousands of pictures! People will be more interested to see pictures for hours than read boring text!

Okay, so now, if you can come out with the whole site design, prepare a template and show it to me. A rough one will do, we can always better it on the way!

Understand that all my cities ride on the blogger. I need to coordinate my site with the blogger so it appears smooth for the users of my site! Looking forward to your feedback.
PM me next time you are on. I will show you my work Smile
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