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Free phpBB and Wordpress Setup

Dear Frihosters,

I am now going into the business of setting up phpBB and Wordpress on your accounts. And the price.... FREE*

So Whats The Catch?
The only thing I ask, is that you place this image onto the footer of your e phpbb/Wordpress system. Here is the image I would like you to place on your site:

Can you setup themes?
Yes I can, and for both systems.

For phpBB Installations - I will install up to 3 themes (With Modifications installed) or unlimited themes if you don't want any mods installed.

For Wordpress setups - Because Wordpress has the inbuilt theme manager, I will install as many themes and addons as you wish.

Can You Make Themes?
For Wordpress, I can, However it will cost you a fee of 50FRIH$ (Along with the text link) It will also take up to a week to make the theme, though you will still get 48 hour setup.

While I can install phpBB themes, I cannot create them. I have tried to do this before, but found that it would take too much time, and is very difficult to manage.

How long will it take?
Like all TV Pizza shop's, If you don't get your pizza in an hour, you get your pizza's for free. I don't sell pizza's but I do have a similar setup. Upon posting here, (You will also need to PM me with account details) It will take about 48 hours to install your Wordpress on phpBB Database. If your database is not setup within 48 hours, not only will you get it setup for free, but I will also pay you 50FRIH$

Sounds Good, Where do I go to signup
Firstly, please post a message here. It is only to see how busy I am, and how many people like me Smile. You will also need to send me a PM with account details. I will need access to your website control panel (Either cPanel or DirectAdmin), and FTP Access. If you don't post a message here, you will not get your account setup. Why? I only receive alerts with this topic, and if you just send it to me in a PM, your database may take up to a week to get setup!
S3nd K3ys
Have you done anything with bbpress yet?
S3nd K3ys wrote:
Have you done anything with bbpress yet?

Have Now Smile. I can set one up, but I can't make themes for it, sorry!
hey garion, I'd like to avail of this free installation thing. I do have a favor to ask of you, is it okay to use a text link in place of the graphic? I don't think your graphic will fit in the theme I want to use. And anyway, I plan to use the blog for my nonprofit org. Very Happy
Dead topic walking
Hey, I'm using DirectAdmin, could I get an installation? I'll PM you in a sec. Thanks!

-Mistake (I forgot topic tracking)my apologies_
I've already done it twice today, I am watching this topic thanks to gmail
Oh Sorry Embarassed
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