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OK ill start my story in the very beginning.. I've met this girl in the chatroom and then we became friends. At first i thought she has no boyfriend (coz she told me so), but after we've met she confesed to me that she's got a bf and things are not going well between them. But it was already too late.. I've fallen for her and its really hard for me to show my feelings and not get hurt in the process. Right now, they are going strong and she even told me that she loves her bf more than ever.. i know i do not have a right to be mad.. but my heart is killing me.. Ijust want to pour it all out here. oh btw, we are becoming closer each dayand i must say i really love her.. In the back of my mind, im wishing that they would serparte ways but i know its not right.. oh man.. im in deep trouble...
Are you sure that the feelings that you have for her is love and not infatuation? When you are in love, you would be thinking more towards the benefit of the opposite sex. In this case, if you really love her, you would know that you should not be wishing for her growing stronger love for her boyfriend to be vanished. On the other hand, you may be just infatuated with her. you feel nice chatting with her. She gives you her attention, while the fact is, she could be just being nice to you. For me, I think you should think properly the status of your feelings towards her. Smile
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In my experience, the best way to get rid of an unproductive infatuation is to replace it with a better one. Some girl in a chatroom in a serious relationship of her own is not the sort of woman you want to be going after.

Try to spend less time talking to her and have a look at all the single, 'real' girls around you.

Is a relationship with this girl even realistic? Does she live within a ten-mile radius? Of course, some internet relationships can work, but I think you owe it to yourself to find an unattached girl whom you can actually see every day.
With my experance I have realised that there isnt to much to do other then just tell or, or dont talk to her or something. Or u could always just try to win her over xD Ive done that like 20 times before. But I think you do have a right to be mad at her for not telling u about this in the first place because you are now in this situation which is her fault to begin with now..
Ouch!? That's really hurting..

You have to choices on what to do:

1. Letting Her and your Feelings Go - It's really a hard thing to do but I a good way of accepting the truth between you both.

2. Stick with your feelings and fight for your love to win her - I guess, it's also a hard thing to do though, If your sure enough on how you feel for her, go for it.
If you really love her, you would want what's best for her. How do you know that what's best is you? I mean no disrespect in this, just want you to think about it.

One more question? Have you ever met her in person? If not, how can you know for a fact that you actually love her? You already know she lied about having a bf, how do you know she hasn't lied about something else?

Doesn't sound like a good basis for a relationship to me.
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