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Blue Screen of Death sucks!

Hi Folks,

I recently (i.e. within the last few months) re-installed windows XP and everything was working fine until the other day. My PC randomly restarted itself and then almost booted windows back up when it went into a BSoD. I didn't write down the error numbers, but if it's needed i can get them. I tried switching the harddrives that I have installed as master/slave to the other way around, and then tried them both as stand-alone master harddrives. Nothing works. This sucks, anybody got any clues?
1: Tell us what you did immediately before the problem started (including going to non-reputable websites).
2: Use a bootable virus scanner (Such as can be found on the UBCD).
3: Restore from your backups. (You do make regular backups, right?)
4: Check for hardware failure. (Such as, by booting another OS, like Knoppix)
What's the UBCD?

I haven't made a backup of my files this go-round because it is a pretty fresh install... so bleh. I keep everything on my slave hard drive mostly anyhow.

As far as I can remember (it has been about a week and a half now that I haven't been able to turn it on) I had not been to any sites that I don't go to regularly without incident. I had half-life 2 running, and a few other apps but nothing too strenuous. I had been getting some funky stuff going on when trying to access certain folders on my slave drive, though. Like the explorer would lock up when I would try to go into one particular folder.

Other than that... nothing that I can think of that should be glaringly obvious.
UBCD is the Ultimate Boot CD; it's open-source, and includes many handy utilities, including a several bootable virus-scanners.

From what you say there, I'd say it is either a hardware failure or malicious software on that one folder of your secondary drive.

If you don't have any backup, then a virus-scanner probably won't fix your system (it may kill the virus, but your system will still be broken). You should first rule out hardware failure, then format and re-install windows.
I think it's about time for a new harddrive anyhow Wink I've got two 80 gigs, but they're getting so cheap nowadays that I just may step on up to a 200gig or so. Woohoo.

As for malicious software within the folder... I highly doubt that because I don't download anything to that folder, only upload as it's a folder of pictures. I will go from here in ruling out a hardware failure, which is what my gut instinct tells me.
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