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Watching movies on TV from a PC

how do i watch movies stored on my hdd on a normal tv? what hardware do i need to buy to do this? will buying a pci tv tuner card suffice? i know that a tv tuner has s-video and composite out, but how do i connect it to the tv which only has av input terminals? and does tv out mean s-video out? if buying a tv tuner will help than please suggest me a good tv tuner from compro videomate with stereo capability.
I believe the pci tuner card allows you to watch tv on your PC from cable or whatever other input you have. When I have connected my PC to the tv it was simply an S-Video out cable to the S-Video port on the TV so I would imagine you would either need a converter from s-video to AV to be able to watch it on your tv. What the tuner card will do sort of act as a splitter to allow you to bring cable to your computer and then pass it on to TV. I am not sure if it will allow for you to actually play items off your hdd or if it will simply just pass along the cable signal.

Also, I dont know if this has changed by now but when I connected to the tv through s-video the picture was sort of weak but it worked. At school we would put up picture slide shows during parties it was actually pretty cool. Hope it all works out for you.
If you any a graphics card, then you can use the S-Video out cable and connect it to your TV. If your tv only has the av input terminals, then you'll need to buy an adaptor for that. And yes, if you tweak the settings a bit, you will be able to play movies on a tv, however, do remember, that your (old) TV has horrible resolution, so anything other than watching movies would be bad.
I agree.
Well u can try connecting cable to s-video out pin on ur gfx card and on ur tv.
Most decent graphics cards will output a 1024x768 resolution to an S-Video port, which you can convert to composite with little visible signal loss for movies (text will be bad though). To do it, I configure my computer to use the TV out as a secondary monitor and then just drag the video over to the TV display. It is quite simple, actually.
you just need a way to output the video from your computer in a way your tv will accept. that may not even need to be a tv tuner, perhaps just a graphics card, and a low end one will do just fine. there anre many different ways to go from pc to tv, such as svideo, composit, and many others. justd ecide what is ebst for you,a nd whats in your price range. usually also, tv tuner cards are only input, not look for that.
this is simple way... get one Audio/Video our video card.. then there is a provision to take video out from the computer...connect video to your tv. then you can see all computer screen on your TV..

another Quality method.
If you have Video Capcture card like matrox card then you can get good quality video... it will not show all computer screen.... it will show only mediaplayer's out put... then it will be good quality
I bought an online software that allows access to about 3000 satellite TV channels and cable TV (I have no time yet to see them all), but tuned channels have very good signal.

If anyone is interested
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