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Tesco condemned for selling pole dancing toy

Tesco condemned for selling pole dancing toy

This one really makes you wonder... questions like 'exactly who did you think would buy it?' and 'this medication you talk of, is it prescription or Other?' have surely been asked of the Tesco's buying staff by now, and if not they should have been. I have no stronger reaction to this than an urge to chuckle, and i certainly dont think it could "destroy children's innocence", but it doesnt seem condusive to a healthy understanding of sexuality. Surely there are other stages in sexual realization before the dynamics of a strip club? Perhaps im being prudish, but i suspect not.

Anyway, i think this is a good example of people power - i would defend Tesco's right to sell it but i thoroughly hope it is taken off the shelves - not for reasons of morality but because it is pointless and silly (and not in a good way). Any shop should have the right to sell the products they wish (as long as they are not in some way harmful) - it is up to consumers to decide what they consume. Do you agree?

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I do agree with you, and who in their right mind would buy that for a kid? It isn't like that kid could grap their credit card and purchase it themselves, I think that Tesco has a right to sell it, but that in a few months, after it had little sale, that they would remove it.

Tesco also said it was
learly marked for adult use

And if that is the case, I think they should be allowed to sell it, although they would have a problem selling it, it isn't like every 30 year old guy loves playing with dolls, although a pole-dancing doll would have more appeal.
a 'sexy dance garter' and a DVD demonstrating suggestive dance moves.

LOL. Well, that made me laugh... thanks for the link. I've seen these things in shops not only Tesco I don't see the big deal anyway.
If it was clearly marked as adult, then what's the problem?
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"This will be sold to four, five and six-year olds. This is a most dangerous toy that will contribute towards destroying children's innocence."

Come off it. It's quite obviously not aimed at children and I really don't see what the problem is. How often do you see a six-year-old surfing the Tesco website?

I'm not advocating the premature sexualisation of children, but even if a child did stumble across it, I see nothing wrong with a child being aware of sex. Hell, I was aware from a relatively young age, and I didn't really think about it again until I was 13 or so.

What next? 'Tesco condemned for selling condoms'?
^ Exactly.

"This will be sold to four, five and six-year olds. This is a most dangerous toy that will contribute towards destroying children's innocence."

Correction: this toy will be sold to the parents of four, five, and six-year olds who have poor judgment.

"Oh my GOD, you mean my son shot up the school with the pistol I bought him for his 12th birthday?! He learned how to do it by watching violent TV shows while I was too busy to spend time with him? I'm suing Sony and Smith & Wesson, heartless bastards!!"

Let's hear it for responsible parenting.
wow kinda scary seeing as this could be your sister/daughter. and all those people protesting do have a point, there is a consistent pattern of girls in society wearing more "revealing" (<< being diplomatic) clothing, if you think about it.
There is no problem at all because it was very clearly pointed to a older audience. It's just like with alcohol if you think about it. This is stupid.
I agree, there is a great deal of stupidity in this issue. Consider the facts - a pole-dancing kit sold in the the toy section of a leading supermarket, in a country where the Daily Mail (Uber-evil right wing paper dressed in middle-class-voice-of-reason clothes) exists - it was bound to backfire. As i said, i have no objection to Tesco's right to sell this, but not in cutesy pink packaging with advertising blurb about 'Peekaboo dollars' - put it in the games section for a fun night in, but not in Toys...

Jesus, i cant believe im arguing from this side of the fence (Andy 'Mary Whitehouse' Redwood) - im not arguing 'this far and no further', im not advocating censorshiop of products, just a little common sense. To reiterate my previous point, there's a great deal of confusion in children about sexuality, and throwing them in the deep end with no frame of reference will probably deepen this confusion. Its like teaching your kid about war by handing them an AK and dropping them in Baghdad - there is a lot of background missing there (indoctrination of nationalist values through the school system, revisionist history through the media, acceptance of violence as a rational repsonse to terrorism... then youre ready for the AK Smile

Anyway, a little light-hearted social commentary from South Park if anyones interested:

"Stupid Spoilt ****** Video Playset"
Bondings wrote:
If it was clearly marked as adult, then what's the problem?

I think the problem was that it was in the "Toys and games" section, togerher with real toys, intended for children. Shouldn't be anything else...
But just think of all the publicity around it. I bet the manufacturers are selling lots of them now. Incidentally, who was it who first complained to Tesco? It couldn't have been the manufacturer wanting extra publicity of course.
Bondings wrote:
If it was clearly marked as adult, then what's the problem?
The problem is the maniacal mother who subconsciously feels that she can relieve herself of some of the burden of raising her kids by eliminating all the "bad" things in the world and thus leaving the world to raise her kids for her. Look at the picture of the family from adredwood's link. Do you see their faces?

Mother (outraged): If I let my kids surf the internet without taking the time to monitor what they see, like an irresponsible parent, they might stumble upon something like this!
Kids (bored): Why are we all sitting here? I just want to go play with my stereotype-perpetuating Barbie dolls and go through years of physical and emotional hell trying to be thin just like them.
Father (complacent): I just do what she tells me.
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