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Bruce Willis & Die Hard 4

Okay, I totally understand the angry sentiment of making sequels to anything, let alone a franchise which hasn't been touched in over a decade. We have examples of this in the upcoming Indy 4, Mad Max 4, and Die Hard 4.

Die Hard seems to be ahead of the curve to speak seeing how it's actually "filming" right now and last slated to be released on July 4th, 2007. That's gonna be pushed back though, IMO.

Like I say, I totally understand people going off on making sequels to these franchises.

The arguement I don't understand is saying Bruce Willis is "over the hill" or not capable of it anymore. Last time I checked, Bruce was 51 years old...Harrison Ford was 47 when he did the last Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.. 51 when he did Fugitive...52 when he did Clear and Present Danger. He pulled it off just fine.

I'd have to say, Willis seems to be on a roll lately with his film choices...not on a decline at all.

Two underrated movies of his that get not enough attention is of course Hostage & 16 Blocks. Both films were pretty damn good and both had stellar casting and performances all the way around from everyone involved. Ben Foster(Mars) on Hostage did an outstanding performance. His potrayal of Mars was like Keyser Soze on Crack. Dude was pure evil and the emotional depth he pulled off towards the end of Hostage was likewise well done. 16 Blocks was one of the best films from Donner in quite a long time. Willis character played very well off of Mos Def's character in this film.

Lucky Number Slevin was also a very well made movie.

Willis's last few films were:

-Lucky Number Slevin
-16 Blocks
-Sin City

I'd say the actor has done a pretty good job lately.

I realize there is alot of haters out there that don't like Die Hard with a Vengence. Don't really know what to say to them. I liked that film a hell of lot more then Die Hard 2: Die Harder. McTiernan returning for Die Hard 3 and bringing it closer to the original was pretty well pulled off in my opinion and Samuel/Bruce worked well off each other. Not to mention pretty good villians in it.

I'm not sure about "Live Free and Die Hard"(2007). I'm not sure about this internet storyline in a world of John McClane but as I was perusing around the net, I've noticed alot of criticism of Willis by some...I have to wonder if they've even seen his last few movies which were excellent. The guy has definitely been picking them right and if he chooses to play the role which got him on the map, good for him.
what, they're gonna make a suquel of that too? i'm a bit skeptical about making sequels of classics aswell, but die hard wasn't exactly some fine work of art, it was just an action packed movie, although a very good one!!
Die Hard: With a Vengance was my favourite, the villain there was the best! Very Happy

so if they're gonna make part 4 of this wonderful series i won't mind at all, as long as they don't make it too lame. it's what they usually do recently. Rolling Eyes
I've really been bored on this balabala 2 balbala3, it's only Hollywood-made.
Hey there guys. Antonio100 I am definitely with ya! Bruce is anything but washed up! In fact he is young compared to Stallone! Stallone still looks and acts amazing and I can't wait to see Rocky. I loved 16 Blocks immensely and I can't wait to get it on DVD. He was awesome in it and the story was really great. It is one of my fav films of 06 and is one of my all time favorites. Personally I can't wait for Die Hard 4! Some people love to criticize and bash sequels for the sake of criticizing and bashing! I know of many people who bitched about a sequel then went in and came out with their jaw on the floor. Christian Bale as Batman anyone?!!
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