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color scheme?

I'm going to be designing a new entertainment website thats mainly going to target young people. I was just wondering what you all think the kind of colors i should be using. I definitely want some bright colors.
Colors are important, but what are you thinking on content? When you say "Entertainment" I think of many things: Branson, MO, Lawrence Welk, KISS, Skillet, Newsboys, a little kid being cute, a dinner theater, a classical music concert, Danny Kaye, etc. It seems like it is far too wide and broad a topic. I would probably use a different color scheme for each one of the topics above.

When you say "young people" as a modifier for "entertainment" then I start thinking Doodlebops and Disney all the way to some metal band. How young is young? How old is not young?

My point is that before we go rushing into color choices, lets narrow down who your audience will be and what content we will have and then, in my experience, colors will suggest themselves.

Hope it helps and good luck!
Check out the Color Schemer Website. I use it a lot. You can easily get by without buying the software. There are free tools available and the posted profiles are free to look at for everybody.
the actuall colour itself doesn't matter

use lots of primary and secondary colours

Tone them to little contrast and darkness. The more pure they are, in general, the better they look for entertainment, but of course, you might be doing entertainment as something like dances, then it might be darker? Make it look like a dance floor? something liek that

be creative. All layouts look good. At first they all might look really bad, but if you photoshop and play with any layout, it can still look good. I know from experience. I make a lot of basic ones and manipulate them all. Come up with some cool effects.

Don't go too overboard. Remeber that clean websites are easy for the eyes and easier to stay at the webiste. GOOD LUCK! ^^~
Dragate wrote:
the actuall colour itself doesn't matter

I don't agree with you there, colors can make out a big deal. Every color has it's own defenition and/or meaning. Red is a warmer color often used in sites involved relationships eg, blue and grey are colors that are relaxed, tend to give the viewer a cool feeling so they can feel rather relaxed. The color does matter.

Anyways, if I think the website you're doing is the website against bullying that is also your homepage right now I should probably go for a warm colorscheme. Your public will mainly be children that are being bullied, so comfort them with warm colors, try to give them a feeling of attraction. Here's my idea:

(#CC0000) Red and (#FFCC33) Yellow
And as background just plain white. Oh yes, and don't try to color your text too much, better to leave that black or white, so people don't get too freaked out.

Good luck with it!
nah, lots of anti bullying sites are black to the contrary common belief they should be warm....

I made a webiste for an entertainment company before. I had to put it into 3 different colours. They ended up liking all of them, so I had to make another layout.

Seriously, just the colours themselves have to match. The asthetics of the page must be the right mood, but the colour doesn't matter that much, only the tone.
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